Which Dettol Liquid is Best for Daily Routine?


Remember how we were sent to the nurse’s office every time we got hurt in the school playground? And then out came the golden yellow Dettol antiseptic bottle. It was pretty much the same at home too. Our families have depended on the trusted Dettol liquid to clean up cuts and bruises and protect us from germs. The ubiquitous Dettol Antiseptic Liquid still remains one of the most indispensable household products we stock up on every month. Here are some reasons why Dettol is indeed indispensable:

Keeping us safe from diseases

The Dettol Antiseptic Liquid is recommended for regular use by the Indian Medical Association. It is a strong disinfectant and antiseptic solution that kills about 99.99% bacteria, viruses, and fungi. In addition, Dettol offers

protection against 100 illness-causing germs, including various strains of the COVID-19 virus. Given the variety of uses for your trusted Dettol liquid, this is one very effective product that protects your family and you. Definitely the top personal hygiene and household disinfectant you must keep handy!

Multipurpose and more

Dettol is one of the most versatile household products you can pick. These are some of the many uses we find for the golden yellow Dettol liquid:

  • It is an effective antiseptic routinely used to clean nicks, cuts, bruises, and wounds. It prevents germs from infecting the wound site.
  • Dettol is also used to clean boils and insect bites. These can also get infected without the application of a gentle yet powerful antiseptic agent.
  • Diluted Dettol is used as an aftershave wash by millions of men around the country. It keeps small cuts from getting infected. It is also used as an anti-dandruff solution used to soak the scalp before shampooing.
  • Adding Dettol to the bathwater can make for a really clean and refreshing bath.
  • When added to the water used to mop the floors or clean hard surfaces, Dettol acts as a strong disinfectant and kills pathogens that can cause diseases.
  • A capful of Dettol liquid can be added to the laundry for a disinfectant wash.

What’s in my Dettol?

While you are out shopping, it may well be worth checking the label, ingredients, and Dettol liquid price. Chloroxylenol is one of the main ingredients of Dettol and is an antimicrobial agent. This prevents the growth of germs that cause diseases. Dettol also has Isopropyl Alcohol which is both virucidal and bactericidal. Other ingredients like pine and castor oils also inhibit the growth of germs.

Dettol Liquid is gentle enough to be used on the skin but strong enough to disinfect surfaces and floors. It is free from bleach and is perfect for homes with children and pets. Regular use of Dettol liquid can keep your family and you safe. Apart from the classic pine fragrance, Dettol liquid is also available in Lime Fresh, Lavender, and Menthol fragrances. For best results read the label and use Dettol as directed.


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