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Cassie Holland, also known as Cass Holland, is an American model, TikTok Star, and social media influencer. The model’s TikTok account, on which she posts her lip-syncing, modeling, and dancing videos, is extremely well-known. Many millions of users have followed her TikTok videos. The Instagram videos are a huge success, with her life and fashion and modeling. Additionally, she is a part of the Youtube channel Cassie and Michele. She was named Miss Las Vegas in July 2021. She also has collaborated with Miranda Derrick, a well-known dancer.

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Cass Holland Biography/ Wiki

Cass was born on on the 17th of June, 1995 in Las Vegas, United States. She was raised with friends, relatives, and extended family. Cass attended a local high school in her hometown when she was a kid. Cass earned a bachelor’s degree in arts following her completion of high school. Cass was an assistant on a cart golf course while studying. Then, she quit the job in order to get involved with social media. She is now a renowned TikTok celebrity in Las Vegas, United States.

Cass Holland Birthday

Cass Holland is 26 years old (as in 2022). Her zodiac sign is Gemini. She is a believer in Christianity.

Cass Holland Height and Weight and Measurements

Cass is 5’7″ tall and 55kg in weight. Her hair hue is dark brown and her eyes are also lighter brown. She is an attractive and gorgeous woman.

Cass Holland TikTok, Rise To Stardom

Cass was first famous through her TikTok application, through which she posted her lip-sync and dancing videos. Cass utilized a variety of hit songs from different performers in her TikTok videos, including Cardy B and Zyan Malik. There are currently millions of fans on her CassHollandTikTok page.

Cass Holland Instagram

Cass has a large number of Instagram followers and is also active on TikTok. Through her Instagram account, she posts mostly lifestyle, fashion and modeling posts. Her Instagram account is also used to advertise other fashion and cosmetic brands. Cass has a large number of Instagram followers as of today.

Cass Holland Youtube

Cass was already well-known for her posts on Instagram and TikTok and TikTok, so she decided to try Youtube. On January 14, 2019, she started the Cassie and Micheletitled YouTube channel. The channel has thousands of subscribers to the channel, and upload a variety of videos, among them videos.

The first video on YouTube was entitled ”LADYGAGA ENIGMA INTERVIEWS and REVIEWS-La Vegas Residency”‘. It was posted on February 14th the 14th of February, 2019. The most watched video on the channel is ”VEGAS Returns! Caesars Palace – OMNIA NIGHTCLUB – WILD VEGAS WEEKEND”, ‘SUGAR FACTORY LAS VEGAS- Gourmet Milkshakes- TRAPPED IN THE MALL AT NIGHT”, etc. Her YouTube channel she’s also included Eileen Gu.

Cass Holland Net Worth

What is the net worth of Cass? Cass hasn’t revealed any details about her earnings or wealth. Based on our analysis and other sources found on the web, Cass’ net worth is at present more than $800,000. . Commercials, brand endorsements, and modeling are her primary sources of revenue. Her wealth is anticipated to grow as her career develops.

Cass Holland Family/Siblings/Family

Cass was born in Las Vegas by a Christian middle-class family. Unfortunately, information about her parents and family tree isn’t available. Cass is just like other celebs and keeps family information from the public domain. Do not worry, boys. If we discover any details about her family We will update the website.

Cass Holland Relationship/Boyfriend

Cass is an accomplished young woman. She is beautiful and attractive. People are eager to learn more about her life as well as professional life. They would like to learn more about her private life as well as who she’s with. Cass hasn’t revealed any details about her personal life. It is likely that Cass is single and focused only on her work.


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Cass is originally from Las Vegas, United States.

She is an internationally renowned model, TikTok star and social media model.

Cass was cartgirl who worked with many famous golfers before she became famous.

Cass has been a participant of numerous beauty pageant contests. She was given the Miss Las Vegas 2021 title.

There are millions of people following her on TikTok.

Cass is attractive, captivating and beautiful.

She’s passionate about travel and has visited many stunning destinations, including Russia, Italy and London.

She is a lover of animals, and particularly dogs and cats.

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