What The DCEU Doomsday Could Mean For Marvel


DCEU Doomsday: In recent years, Warner Bros. Entertainment has been on a roll, with several critically acclaimed successes including the Harry Potter and DC Extended Universe movies. But just who is this secretive movie studio and what do they have in store for Marvel? As it turns out, Warner Bros. has its own superhero universe that it’s been building since the early days of comics (specifically, the Justice League). And now that DC Extended Universe is getting some well-deserved attention, Marvel may be in for some big changes. What does this mean for Marvel fans? That depends on whom you ask. Some see this as a sign that Marvel is on its way out, while others believe that Warner Bros. will take a more hands-off approach to the MCU going forward. In any case, it’s an interesting development to keep an eye on.

DC Extended Universe

The DC Extended Universe is one of the most popular movie series in the world, and it has been highly anticipated for years now to see how Marvel will respond. One thing that Marvel definitely knows about is their ability to take storylines and characters and do something new with them, so it’s definitely going to be interesting to see how they handle things when they crossover.

However, one storyline that has been brewing for a while now is the potential Doomsday storyline. It started in Justice League where he attacked Earth and was eventually defeated by the team. However, Rebirth seemed to hint that Doomsday may not be done yet, as he showed up in a random issue of Thor comics. This led many to believe that he may show up in Avengers: Infinity War or its sequel.

If Doomsday does show up in either of these movies, then it will be huge for DC Entertainment. The DCEU has struggled somewhat since its inception due to comparisons to Marvel’s successful Cinematic Universe. If Doomsday can help reignite interest in the DCEU, then it would be a huge success for Warner Bros.

DCEU Doomsday

DC Entertainment is currently struggling with critical and commercial success, as many fans have turned their backs on the studio. However, one possible way that the DCEU could be shut down is if Marvel decides to sue them over their copyrighted characters. Marvel has been able to successfully protect their IP by locking down other studios’ access to their characters. If DC were to try and do the same thing, Marvel would be able to sue them for copyright infringement. This would essentially mean the end of DC’s cinematic universe as we know it.

Marvel has a lot more money and clout than DC, so this lawsuit could easily destroy DC Entertainment. Not only would it put an end to the DCEU, but it could also damage Warner Bros.’ reputation as a movie studio. This would be a huge blow for DC as they are currently struggling financially and critically.

What Could Happen If The DCEU Doomsday Happens

DC Entertainment’s Extended Universe has had its share of problems in recent years, with the release of Justice League films failing to meet the lofty expectations set by fans and critics alike. The DCEU Doomsday could mean big things for Marvel Comics and their Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been outspoken about his disdain for DC’s approach to movie universes, calling them “a mess”. He went on to say that Marvel would never make a film where the same character appears in multiple films across different studios. That being said, it is possible that Marvel could work with DC Entertainment if they were ever to have a catastrophic event happen in the DCEU that threatened their respective movie universes.

A Doomsday event in the DCEU could mean two things: either Batman or Superman dies, or Lex Luthor succeeds in destroying all of Metropolis and most of Gotham City. If either of these events happened, it would be devastating for both DC and Marvel Studios. So If Batman died, Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc.’s (NYSE:TWX) massive global licensing business would be impacted as fans around the world become disillusioned with DC movies. If Superman died, it would have a significant impact on Sony Pictures Entertainment’s (NYSE:SNE) film studio as well as its lucrative toy business. Having Lex Luthor succeed in destroying Metropolis and most of Gotham City would devastate both DC and Marvel as their respective comic book universes rely heavily

The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most successful movie franchises of all time, with over 20 films released so far. The DCEU Doomsday could mean big things for the future of the MCU. Here’s what you need to know.

DC Entertainment has been struggling recently. In 2017, they released two critically panned films, Justice League and Aquaman. The ratings for both films were terrible, and reviews were not much better. This led to DC Entertainment firing director Zack Snyder and replacing him with Joss Whedon, which was seen by some as a sign that they were trying to make changes in order to improve their fortunes. However, this didn’t work either – Aquaman received poor reviews and only made $260 million at the box office.

So what’s going on? It seems that DC Entertainment just doesn’t have the same appeal as Marvel Studios does. Marvel is known for their superhero movies, while DC primarily focuses on character arcs and stories from their comics books. This difference in focus is likely why Marvel Studios has been more successful than DC Entertainment. Their movies are more superhero-centric whereas DC’s movies are story-driven overall (though there are certainly plenty of superhero elements).

It’s important to note that while these recent events may be bad news for DC Entertainment as a whole. They don’t necessarily mean that the DCEU is dead or doomed. In fact, there are still plenty of opportunities for the DCEU to succeed if

What Future for Marvel After the DCEU Doomsday?

Marvel Studios has long been the king of the comic book movie world. With their movies based on famous Marvel Comics characters. However, DC Comics’ (DCEU) Doomsday event could mean big changes for Marvel.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) erects a massive digital billboard that displays a countdown to “the end of the world.” This leads to Doomsday, an alien entity that is intent on destroying humanity. In order to stop him, Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) team up with Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Although the movie was critically panned, it still grossed over $870 million worldwide. This puts Marvel in an interesting position. They now have a movie that is extremely similar to one of their own movies. If they can manage to recapture some of the magic from Batman v Superman, they will be in good shape.

However, there are some big challenges ahead for Marvel Studios. Firstly, they have had a lot more time to build their universe than DC Entertainment did with their DCEU. Secondly, Marvel has largely been focused on character-based stories. While DC Entertainment has been focusing on story arcs involving multiple characters. Finally, Marvel does not have any theatrical releases scheduled for after 2020. So they will need to come up with another idea if they want to stay competitive.


As we’ve seen with the release of Justice League, the DC Extended Universe is no joke. With films like Wonder Woman and Aquaman coming out this year, it’s clear that they’re serious about competing against Marvel Studios. But what could happen if the DCEU Doomsday happened? In short, Marvel would be in a great position to takeover as the top dog in Hollywood. Here are five reasons why: 1) The DCEU has been struggling since its inception. Marvel had big shoes to fill when it took on Disney’s attempt at creating their own cinematic universe, but they’ve done an amazing job so far. 2) The MCU has a better track record with box office success.

They have released 18 films (with 8 more scheduled), while DC has only released seven films (with three more scheduled). It should be noted that both franchises have hit some bumps along the way -the MCU went through several phases of change before hitting its stride, while DC suffered from critical backlash for Dark Knight Rises and Suicide Squad – but overall speaking, Marvel seems to have a bit more stability when it comes to film quality. 3) The DCEU is plagued by terrible villains. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman


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