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What is the Canada Express Entry and Who is Eligible for it?


The Canada Express Entry PR is a permanent residency visa in Canada and is one of the fastest, most common, and most popular methods of travel into Canada. Various people can stay and travel in Canada with different programs and methods. The express entry attracts skilled workers and professionals from all over the globe to Canada. Applicants are given points based on various criteria, and they must have the minimum score to obtain the visa. For consultation and assistance, you must contact an agency that can provide the same and specializes in immigration to Canada. 

What is the Canada Express Entry?

The Canada Express Entry PR is a residency visa in Canada that offers efficient and fast immigration to Canada. It is applicable for skilled workers and professionals who permanently want to immigrate to Canada. There are various programs under which the Canada Express Entry can be obtained. There are Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) as well that allow permanent residency based on their industrial needs and labour requirements. Points are awarded based on specific eligibility criteria, by which candidates are then given the visa or not if the minimum score is met. 

What are the Various Canada Express Entry Programs?

There are various programs under the Canada Express Entry PR. These apply to different individuals. The following are the programs under the Express Entry:

●      Federal Skilled Worker Program: This program applies to skilled individuals who permanently reside in Canada. They must have professional backgrounds and work experience. 

●      Federal Skilled Trades Program: This program applies to those individuals skilled in trade, labour, or industrial activities. 

●      Canadian Experience Class: This program is specially designed for individuals with Canadian work experience. 

●      Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) – This program varies with each province. Skilled professionals are given a chance to immigrate and permanently reside in Canada based on the industrial need in that particular province. 

Who is qualified for the Express Entry PR programme in Canada?

A point system is used to select those who obtain the Canada Express Entry PR. Applicants must meet the minimum points required to obtain the visa. These points are awarded based on the following eligibility criteria: 

●      Age – Different age groups are awarded different points. Ages 18-35 are awarded a maximum of 12 points, 36; points, 37; 10 points, 38; 9 points, and so on. 47 and above are awarded 0 points. 

●      Level of Education: Different degrees are awarded different points. 

– A Doctoral, Ph.D., or an equivalent degree is given 25 points. 

– A Masters’s degree is given 23 points. 

– Two or more diplomas are given 22 points.

– A Canadian post-secondary degree or Bachelor’s degree is given 21 points.

– A Canadian Post Secondary Degree is given 19 points. 

– A Canadian Post Secondary Degre or One year program is given 15 points. 

– A secondary diploma – high school graduation is given 5 points.

●      Work Experience: More the years of experience any individual has, the more points they will be awarded. Above 6 years is awarded 15 points. 4-5 years is awarded 13 points. 2-3 years is awarded 11 points. 1 year is awarded 9 points. 

●      Linguistic Ability: Points are awarded based on the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). They are given in 4 categories. Reading, writing, listening and speaking. CLB 9 and above has 6 points, CLB 8;5 points, CLB 7;4 points, and anything less than CLB 7 has 0 points. 

Points are also awarded based on your second official language. A minimum of CLB 5 in all four categories mentioned above is 4 points, and at least CLB 4 or less is 0 points. 

●      Adaptability: Points are given based on how well the visa office thinks you will settle and adapt to the country. 

– Your spouse’s language skills (If you have a spouse) – minimum of 5 points. 

– If you studied in Canada previously – 5 points. 

– If your spouse’s previous education was in Canada – 5 points. 

– If you previously worked in Canada – 10 points. 

– If your spouse previously worked in Canada – 5 points. 

– If you have relatives in Canada – 5 points. 

– If you have arranged employment in Canada – 5 points.

To Conclude:

The pr canada from india is an optimal choice as a permanent residency visa for Canada. An efficient and popular visa is a good choice if you are a skilled worker or professional seeking to immigrate to Canada permanently. To obtain the permit, you can contact an agency specializing in immigration to Canada to provide assistance and consult.


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