What Are Some Features Of The Swirl Lollipop Machines?


Swirl Lollipops are a popular confectionery known for their unique medley of flavors. Their smooth texture and beautiful colors are in high demand. Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec-manufactures the most efficient and proficient Swirl Lollipop Machines

Traditionally, swirl lollipops were made by hand by twisting the candy cane and inserting it onto the stick. The time taken and the hygienic factor have shaped the new automated Swirl Lollipop Machines, cutting out the need for those monotonous hand tasks. 


The new swirl lollipop machine’s lineup consists of:

  1. Batch Former and Rope Sizer Machine (BRS-V)
  2. Latini-Twist Candy Rope Twisting Machine
  3. HLM-200 / or
  4. DPW Flat Lollipop Forming and Packing Machine

Any high-quality candy must be produced in an environment with a suitable temperature. The speed at which the masses of lollipops are fed into the next equipment for processing should be automated and supervised. The Latini Twist Machine is a specially designed candy rope twisting machine that forms an indispensable part of the Swirl Lollipop Machines. The rotary machines are stand-alone machines that feed huge quantities of the lollipops, size them, and cut and shape them into appropriate sizes and shapes. It also inserts the lollipop sticks and packs the lollipops continuously without a break. 

Some Features Of The Machine :

Common specifications include 

  • Long-lasting and robust stainless steel body 
  • High adaptability makes it ideal for manufacturing different designs and shapes of lollipops (customisations available)
  • Digital touchscreen control system
  • Fully automated temperature control
  • Efficiency and a compact design

Some Safety Measures to Be Followed  

  1. Check the safeguards installed in the machine before the process begins.
  2. Wear appropriate protective equipment for safety. Gloves, goggles, and other protective gear are essential to prevent electrical and safety concerns.
  3. Be cautious of the work area and be alert. The workers should possess a thorough knowledge of all the functions on the control panel. 

Why an Automatic Lollipop Machine?

Automated lollipop-making machines have some advantages in the production process.

  • Automatic lollipop machines have reliability and efficiency. It follows the configurations, and it is easily maintained.
  • The machine provides major safety aids to the operator and can be easily maintained for GHP, and GCP
  • Automated sensors warn of any safety issues during the process and turn off the machine automatically in case of malfunction.
  • The company provides after-sales service; if any trouble arises, the experienced engineers provide solutions.
  • The machines work fast and assure a speedy production process.
  • Hygienic stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and ensures the end products are clean and safe for consumption.
  • The machine parts related to the production can be thoroughly cleaned, reducing the chance of contamination. 

With over 95 years of experience, Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec assists all those candy manufacturers in producing Swirl Lollipops. We provide customized design, time-sensitive installation, and on-site training and assistance. Our staff handles the maintenance and technical support services. We assure you of the finest performance and warranty of our equipment. Our facilities have the latest production equipment to ensure top quality and excellent service. All our candy manufacturing machinery is designed for effortless operation, smooth maintenance, and efficiency.


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