Weight problems and how i overcome those situations?


I would like to thank the best nutritionist in Dubai at Novomed for her remarkable assistance in addressing my nutritional and weighttps://hufftime.com/ht problems. After following my doctor’s advice to see a nutritionist since my weight, blood pressure, and A1C levels were out of control; I was given information about Novomed centers, which came highly recommended.

I must admit I booked the appointment with reluctance feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the addition of yet another appointment to my already-packed schedule. In addition, I believed I knew everything there was to know about losing weight; I just needed to focus, eat lots of salads, restrict my carbohydrate intake, limit my sugar consumption, and exercise frequently! I was so wrong!

I can say Visiting Novomed was, and it still is, one of the best decisions I have made in my life!

As I arrived at the office, I was stunned by the warm setting; the reception area was super-cozy, with a non-clinical ambiance, and was not at all scary, not to mention it was not as crowded as I had anticipated. The office staff was remarkable since they were really professional and kind.

During my initial consultation, the nutritionist conducted a health assessment by gathering all of my nutrition-related data, including my physical and emotional state, and created a weekly action plan for me to follow. She supported me in achieving stronger body positivity and a healthy connection with food, allowing me to take on challenges at my own speed and fhb,stepping out of my comfort zone with her direction. Every time I met with my specialist, I had a new understanding that released me from my food struggles.

Throughout the weeks and months I’ve spent with Novomed, I’ve always looked forward to my upcoming sessions, during which we would revisit prior objectives and establish new ones. I’m pleased to say that my blood pressure and A1C levels have dropped to reasonable levels and that I’ve lost around 30 pounds in a little over a year and a half.

I would totally recommend the Novomed clinic in Dubai to everyone! Their whole staff is amazingly professional, highly skilled in their field, and extremely accessible via text, e-mail, or phone.


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