Top Ten Best Tower Coolers in India


The need for well-working air coolers is now higher than before due to the scorching heat of Indian summers. However, you do not have to worry about it much, when there are numerous tower cooler brands and models available in the market for you to buy from. Depending on your requirements and family size you can opt for the cooler that serves your needs. The quality is excellent and the price of Symphony is also very affordable. To help you with the shopping hassles, we have listed the top 10 best tower coolers in India that you can consider buying.  

1. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler: 

The Symphony air cooler is among the top models available in India. It has a 12 litres tank capacity which will last for hours. Moreover, the sleek and compact design complements your home’s subtle interiors. 

2. Havai Bullet Tower Air Cooler: 

The Havai Bullet Tower cooler is what you are looking for because it has all premium features at a budget-friendly price. This air cooler comes with a base to ensure sturdiness while moving it. In addition, the Havai Bullet air cooler comes with an antibacterial cover! 

3. Bajaj TC 103 DLX Air Cooler: 

This tower cooler by Bajaj is for technology enthusiasts who want a digital air blower with advanced features. The Bajaj tower cooler has a water tank capacity of 22 litres! Also, this Bajaj tower cooler features a digital touch and control panel to make your work easier! 

4. Symphony Diet 35T Personal Tower Air Cooler: 

This Symphony air cooler assures you clean and pure air because it flaunts a multistage filter! Also, this tower cooler has a massive capacity of 35 litres so that you don’t rush to fill the tank every two hours. 

5. Blue Star PA35LMA Tower Cooler: 

The Blue Star tower cooler has a cute green colour tone perfect for your children’s room. Moreover, it has a UV protection coat, an ice chamber, a dust filter, an antibacterial honeycomb pad, and other attractive features! 

6. Symphony Diet 3D 20i Tower Cooler: 

The Symphony tower cooler is the perfect choice if you want an air blower with classy looks and the latest features. This Symphony air cooler has i-pure technology and a pop-up touchscreen panel to provide the smoothest experience! 

7. Symphony Storm 70i Tower Cooler: 

The Symphony air cooler is the solution for this scorching summer heat. It has hefty storage of 70 litres that will last for days! Additionally, the Symphony air cooler comes with the latest specifications like an LCD touch panel and three-side honeycomb pads. The best part is that it comes with seven-speed options! 

8. Crompton Optimus Neo Tower Air Cooler: 

The Crompton Optimus Neo Tower cooler is one of the most durable tower blowers that offer lucrative specifications. The Optimus Neo air blower has a water level indicator that tells you when to rush for a refill. Also, the tower cooler by Crompton consumes a low amount of power. Hence, it allows you to save some bucks from your electricity bill!

9. Croma CRRC1205 Tower cooler: 

The Croma tower cooler flaunts three-speed levels with a four-way air deflection for optimum cooling. It has an ice chamber to help you cope with those extra hot days. In addition, it awards you a twenty-four months warranty from the date of purchase!

10. Bajaj TMH36 Skive Tower Air Blower: 

The Bajaj TMH36 tower cooler is the game changer because it offers you a 36 litres water tank, antibacterial technology, and a powerful airflow that covers up to 25 feet of the area! Also, it comes with a one-year warranty and three-level speed options!

Without a doubt, you can go for the Symphony air cooler which is one of the best-selling brands in the Indian market. You do not have to worry about financial constraints when you are making your purchase from the Bajaj Mall. By making use of lucrative offers like no-cost EMI and zero down payment, you can buy the best of electronics, furniture and other home appliances that you like. Check out the Bajaj Mall today and place your order online to get it home delivered. 

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