Top Android Invoice Apps Every Small Business Must Use


Technology has made invoice apps easier to have information available at our fingertips. You don’t even have to remember anything. Need Cox customer service number to inquire about their services? Just Google invoice apps (unless invoice apps not in your phonebook). There’s nothing technology can’t fix these days. Wait, a minute…Do you create invoices on a regular basis and feel like this task is leaving you with less time to complete other important activities?

Switch to an Android invoice app that organizes everything and does the job faster! Your billable hours, items, and taxes are all tallied up in a beautiful invoice with just a few clicks. Wait, just a few more clicks, you can send the invoice to your client via email with a link to pay in full online!

The good news is you don’t need deep pockets to get the most out of these Android invoice apps. Check out the top ones:

1: Paypal

I hear you, this app is famous for transferring money, online shopping, and paying certain bills. But what most of us forget is that it’s also a handy invoice generator.

PayPal has been around for over two decades and is one of the most well-known names in the online payment processing industry. It has the greatest free mobile app for invoicing, in addition to the benefits of its name recognition and credibility.

With the PayPal Business app, you can create and send invoices, check your account activity, and even issue refunds. You don’t need a separate business account to use it; simply checking in with your regular PayPal credentials will do the trick. Your clients will receive an invoice via PayPal, where they can pay with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal balance. The payments will be transferred into your PayPal account, from which you can transfer the amount to your debit card or bank account.

2: Zoho Invoice

You may call it the pocket assistant because it lets you issue invoices, send reminders, and accept payments in a snap. You don’t have to download the app and it’s ready to use.

This app lets you better track your time, speed up payments, and invoice delivery. It can also automate some procedures and, remember them. It’s simple to see why Zoho Invoice is a top-rated invoicing software. With 16 templates to select from, a gorgeous client interface, the ability to auto-schedule Zoho bills, and the flexibility to send invoices in 14 different languages, you wouldn’t want anything else!

3: QuickBooks

When looking for a more sophisticated Android invoice generator, consider Quickbooks.

QuickBooks is known for its world-class billing and accounting services. It’s also hosted in the cloud, which makes it more accessible and convenient to use. Although QuickBooks is user-friendly, there is a learning curve, especially if you are unfamiliar with accounting fundamentals. Furthermore, it can be costly for many organizations, especially when time tracking and payroll are involved. Hence, it may not be ideal for all.

4: Invoice Maker – Tiny Invoice

Just because the name includes the word “tiny” doesn’t mean you should ignore this one. In fact, Tiny Invoice is anything but tiny. This free invoice app is jam-packed with features you’ll adore. To get started create a free account, set up your company name, phone number, and currency and you are good to go!

Using the app’s free invoice templates, you can create invoices, purchase orders, and even generate estimates. There is a function that allows you to keep track of individual spending too.

If you are a freelancer, this app may just be perfect for you! Since most freelancers work on projects by the hour, they bill their clients on an hourly basis. Tiny Invoice allows you to track the number of hours you spend working on a client’s project and establish an hourly fee. It generates an invoice for you automatically.
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5: Invoice by Wave

Wave Apps is a company with a distinct business plan. It will provide you unlimited access to their bookkeeping, invoicing, and receipt scanning tools. This is incredible because their free invoice maker is full of amazing features.

Invoices are divided into four groups:

  1. Sent
  2. Viewed
  3. Overdue
  4. Paid

This provides you with a bird’s eye perspective of who owes you money and when. The invoices are attractive, and the items are color-coded. It will project a favorable image of your business while also conveying a sense of professionalism. When a client views an invoice, you will be notified. Smart notifications are included.

6: Moon Invoice Maker

This invoice app allows you to manage all of your invoices as simply as possible. Everything can be done immediately from your mobile device.

The layout is user-friendly and all functionalities are clearly labeled so you can always find what you’re searching for. This app includes purchase orders, expenses, estimates, credit notes, timesheets, and some other features to generate professional-looking invoices. Templates are available too.


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