Top activity books and colouring books for kids


activity books for kids and colouring books are one of the ideal ways to keep toddlers busy and engaged for long hours. There are a variety of colouring and activity books available for kids. Pegasus is one of the famous children’s book publishers. They deal in children’s books, games and toys.

Some of the best activity books and colouring books from Pegasus is as follows:  

  • Art & Craft

Art and craft books are loved by all age groups. These books bring out the inner artist in you. Kids love spending time making some or the other craft. They like to draw and paint. This is a series of art and craft books where there are 8 books for different ages starting from 2-9 years old. The best part about these books is that they come along with the craft material. The kids don’t need to buy the material separately.

  • Write, Wipe & Clean

The wipe and clean books are loved by the kids most. They find those books really engaging and interesting. For them such books are like playing. They like to write and then wipe. In the whole process, they get to learn as well. These books are reusable ones. The topics introduced in this series are ideal for kids aged 4 years and above. The titles are brain booster, dot to dot, first activity, first drawing, first puzzle, look and find, mazes and spot the difference.

  • Sticker Fun

Stickers are always fun. Kids love to play with stickers. This is a series introducing sticker fun for little ones. These books are ideal for preschoolers. All they require to do is tear away the stickers and paste them along the dotted lines. With this tearing and pasting activity kids get to acquire various skills such as fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and visual scanning. The books are good for kids aged 3 years and above. Each book contains more than 100+ stickers. The sticker books in the series are about alphabets, numbers, things that move and shapes and opposites.

  • My Activity Bag

My activity bag is a series of activity books liked by most of the kids. The books come in the shape of bags. The covers are very attractive and colourful. The bags include press-out stickers for little ones based on the theme of the book. There are foil prints on the covers. The titles in the series are my car activity bag, my dinosaur activity bag, my fun activity bag and my princess activity bag.

  • Dot to Dot

This is a series of 4 activity books for kids. The kids have to join the dots and form the complete image. While joining, kids get to learn the numbers too. These books are ideal for preschoolers and toddlers. The books are level based books: dot to dot 1, dot to dot 2, dot to dot 3 and dot to dot 4. The books are filled with cute images to complete. The kids need to complete the images and colour them beautifully.

  • Word Search

This is a level based series of books. There are four different books for the kids. These books help kids to come across new words. Such books help them to enhance their vocabulary. They are able to recognise words and different patterns. This word search also helps kids in improving their spelling and teaches them patience and persistence.

  • Super Jumbo Colouring Books

Super jumbo colouring books are big sized books which provide kids with ample amount of space to colour for kids. There are four books in the series: animals and birds, magical creatures, things that move and world around us. Colouring helps kids in numerous ways. There are plenty of skills that kids get to learn from colouring. They are able to recognise shapes and colours. They also get to enhance fine motor skills.

  • Preschool Colouring Books

As the title says these books are ideal for preschoolers. Toddlers find these books interesting and they like to colour in these books. The books introduce basic concepts to the little ones. There are 10 books in this series and the topics are animals and birds, farm animals, first words, fruits and vegetables, games and sports, jobs people do, playtime, seasons, space and vehicles.

  • Copy Colour

This is a unique concept introduced to toddlers where kids get to have a look at the final image and all they have to do is just copy the same. The kids have to colour with the same colours as shown in the given image on each page. With this concept, kids get to identify colours and improve hand-eye coordination. 

  • 365 Page Colouring Book

Kids often get bored colouring the same page every time. But how about if they get to colour each day a new image? This sounds so amazing. Your child could get to colour new drawings every day with this series of colouring books. There are four colouring books in this series. The books in the series are My big 365 page colouring book, My super 365 page colouring book, My jumbo 365 page colouring book and My bumper 365 page colouring book.

  • Mini Colouring Pad

Colouring pads are great for kids aged 12 years and above. The books are based on animals, doodles, mandalas and patterns. The books have foil based covers. These are tear out sheets for the little ones. The kids could easily tear them off and paste it on their study tables or walls. The best part about these books is that they are quite handy and compact. The kids could carry these books anywhere. Be it while going on a vacation or travelling in a car or so. The books don’t take much space.

These activity books and colouring books not only keep kids busy and entertained but they get to learn a lot many skills from these books. These books are really helpful for the kids. Parents could have a look at the official website or may visit the stores as well.


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