Top 5 Cosmetics Brands in 2022


The Cosmetics Brands industry has undergone a sea change in recent years. From a pandemic
to financial uncertainty and lifestyle shifts, brands must adapt to remain relevant.
The brands that are able to change with the times will be ahead of the rest. If they
fail to adapt, they are likely to remain behind their competitors.

Peach & Lily

Peach & Lily is a leading K-beauty skincare brand that uses innovative skincare
technologies and natural ingredients. Its products are packaged into affordable kits
to target a variety of skin concerns. Its products are available at Ulta and on its
The company has a history of developing innovative skincare products. The
company has expanded its business beyond a skin care line with its line of hair care
products. The company is now a global beauty retailing company, and has acquired
a number of companies. Its latest acquisition is a probiotic-focused skin care line
called Tula. It has also acquired Alastin Skincare and Jen Atkin’s Ouai. The company
recently closed a $130 million funding round.
With roots in Korean herbal medicine, Sulwhasoo uses fermented ingredients for
skincare products. The fermentation process extracts the benefits of the herbs and
allows them to be used more effectively. Fermented ingredients are big in the
beauty industry and are predicted to continue being prominent in 2022. Sulwhasoo’s
First Care Activating Serum, for example, is a top-selling beauty product in Korea,
and has a disproportionate share of the market. The serum hydrates skin, brightens
complexions, and improves skin’s ability to absorb subsequent products.

charette cosmetics

charette cosmetics is a beacon of hope in the skincare industry, and it’s evolving to
stay on top of the latest techniques and trends. The company is headquartered in
Atlanta, Georgia, where the owners are dedicated to answering customer questions
and helping them achieve their goals. Founder and president Paul Charette has
studied the best treatments and procedures around the world and is confident that
his brand’s innovative products will continue to meet the needs of his clients.

Nuria Beauty

Founded by a pharmaceutical executive, Naomi Furgiuele, the Nuria beauty brand
combines antioxidants, vitamins, and science to create a complete skincare system.
From the sourcing of the raw ingredients to the formulation, each product is
meticulously chosen to ensure that they are safe, effective, and compatible with the
body’s natural processes. In addition to the quality of ingredients, the brand is also
committed to giving back to the community by donating a percentage of the profits
to charities, such as She’s The First.
The line offers skincare products for the entire face, including a line of anti-aging eye
masks. The brand also makes makeup removers that are formulated for sensitive
skin. These products are made from sunflower seed oil and vitamin E, which are both
nourishing and effective for sensitive skin. These products also disperse easily and
perform well in GH Beauty Lab testing. The dispensing system is simple, and the
formula is gentle enough for even sensitive skin.

Glam Glow

Glam Glow is a high-end skincare line that has become a household name and is
available in over 80 countries. The brand has a number of awards and has a
reputation for high-quality, luxurious products. The company is well-known for its
antioxidant-rich products, and is donating to a variety of charities including the Estee
Lauder Breast Cancer campaign. In addition, Glamglow’s innovative marketing
campaigns use reels, pictures, and how-to videos to promote its products.
As the industry evolves, new companies are gaining momentum. In 2018, L’Oreal
launched a revolutionary hair-washing system for salons that could save a billion
gallons of water a year. Meanwhile, Hourglass Cosmetics developed the first vegan
carmine replacement. Carmine has historically been made from thousands of female
insects, but the company is working to replace this chemical with a plant-based

Pacifica Beauty

The US-based Pacifica Beauty was founded in 1996 by aromatherapist Brook HarveyTaylor, with the goal of creating a line of cosmetics that is cruelty-free and effective
without breaking the bank. Unlike many mainstream cosmetics companies, Pacifica
makes no animal products and uses only natural ingredients. They also do not use
phthalates or parabens in their formulas. The brand also offers an extensive range of
makeup and skincare products that are made without animal testing or ingredients,
which is important for consumers looking for an ethical, quality makeup and
skincare line.
Pacifica Beauty’s products contain vitamin E, which protects skin from free radical
damage, helps strengthen the skin barrier, and reduces transepidermal water loss.
The company also includes fragrance ingredients in almost all of its skincare


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