Top 14 Reasons Why B Pharmacy is Important for Career?


Studying B Pharmacy in today’s landscape can be a game-changing decision for your career. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for professionals with expertise in science wizarding and technology is on the rise. The pandemic has uncovered the importance and contributions of pharmacists in curbing the spread of this deadly virus through vaccines and medications. Students seeking a career in the pharma sector must explore the below top 14 reasons to choose a B Pharmacy course for a rewarding career.

1. A popular career choice

B Pharmacy is a popular career choice among those who love to serve people. Even with little work experience, B Pharma graduates can earn hefty salary packages.

2. It’s a fastest-growing industry

The rating agency ICRA (Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency) reveals that the Indian pharma industry is projected to grow 9-11% in 2021-2022, higher than the average.

3. Demand for pharmacists is high suggests that the employment of pharmacists is expected to rise by 6% by 2026 in various settings, such as hospitals and clinics. 

4. High earning potential

Studying B Pharmacy gives an in-depth understanding of medicine. In the contemporary scenario, the healthcare industry is the fastest-growing sector. So, the annual compensation of B Pharmacy graduates is more than the average.

5. Opportunity to bring change in the lives of patients

A bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy allows people to serve others. B Pharma graduates get opportunities to treat patients or keep their illnesses at bay.

6. Open doors to diverse career options

Studying B Pharmacy opens doors to a broad range of career opportunities. With a B Pharmacy degree, students can work as drug inspectors, pharmacists, business research analysts, or quality control officers. 

7. Stable employment

Regardless of the coronavirus pandemic, the healthcare industry witnessed massive growth. It signifies that the pharma graduates enjoy job security even during unprecedented times.

8. Build your own business

B Pharmacy graduates are well-versed in medicines and fields relevant to pharma. A specialty in the pharma sector equips them with the ability to launch their own business.

9. Job satisfaction

B Pharmacy graduates have the flexibility to work in private and government sectors. The degree allows you to advance your career in a relatively shorter duration.

10. Work in the government sector

The development of medicine or vaccine has to go through several stages before getting approval. A government regulatory agency approves the usage of drugs or vaccines. B Pharma graduates can join the core decision committee with their skills and experience.

11. Opportunity to develop the latest skill sets

Pharma is an ever-changing industry. The industry witnesses a new development each day, allowing individuals to advance their existing skill sets continuously.

12. Growth potential

There’s no substitute for medicine on earth. As long as humans are there, medications will be in demand to treat patients. Pursuing medicine provides excellent growth opportunities.

13. Higher education

B Pharmacy graduates can also opt for master’s degrees to gain more advanced knowledge and practical skills for better career opportunities and compensation.

14. Service to humanity

As healthcare professionals, B Pharmacy graduates can help people in need by providing them with medical services at an affordable cost.

Many universities in India offer B Pharmacy courses. Interested students can check out top-ranked universities in Dehradun for a proven quality of education and better learning opportunities.


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