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The UPSC Civil Services Exam is one of India’s most prestigious exams. Several thousands of students attempt this exam each year but only a few succeed. However, only a small percentage of them can realize their IAS ambitions. The factor of difficulty in the IAS exam is the vast syllabus and the tedious methodology of study with books for upsc exam preparation. Some of the tips for efficient USPC preparation are as follows. 

Keeping a firm grip on the NCRT books

NCERT books are central government books that have a high weightage in UPSC exam preparation. NCERT books are given a lot of weight in subjects like geography, political science, history, and so on. It is critical to study NCERT books and have NCERT for each subject. NCERT books will assist you in getting a consolidate and to-the-point answer to questions that may be ask in the UPSC exam.

NCERT books should be your primary reading material, supplemented by reference books, teacher notes, and online study materials. The NCERT book would assist you today in strictly adhering to the syllabus and preventing any deviation from it.

Taking notes

Many UPSC aspirants believe that making notes in art is a practice that aids in efficient and proper studying. You may be taking good UPSC preparation classes. But the first and most important thing to remember is the process of taking notes. Making notes is a process in which you learn much more about yourself than simply studying or reading subjects and topics. During the note-taking process, we write down things we have learned or studied to help us remember them for a longer period.

Making charts, mind maps, and diagrammatic representations of various topics would be beneficial in addition. To taking notes to remember the process or mechanism of certain topics visually. It has been observe that people remember things better when they are studied visually rather than theoretically. As a result, note-taking has become an essential component of the UPSC exam. Assisting students in remembering a large amount of information in a short period.

Answers should be written.

Another factor that contributes to marking variances in the UPSC test is proficiency in composing replies. Many times, people know a lot of things but fail to convey those thoughts in writing. As a result, despite knowing every topic by heart and recalling all the facts and numbers, they fail the exam.

Along with memorizing and studying, the most essential thing is to write down those facts and numbers accurately. Which contains all of the main themes, presents them in a specific style and helps the examiner realize. That the student has excellent knowledge and grasp of the issue. If you can compose suitable responses,

Answering questions from prior years

Aside from preparing, researching, and composing your answers, another thing you should do regularly solves the previous year’s problems. If you solve last year’s problems efficiently and regularly. You will build the habit of writing and storing all of the material from many themes and subjects in your mind at the same time. The curriculum of the UPSC test is so extensive that it is difficult for a student. To recall all of the themes and definitions of a subject.

When you write questions on a certain issue. You are just focuse on that topic, and Anu tends to remember only the details about that topic. However, if you are tackling prior year problems. You will be asked questions from all across the book and from diverse areas. The degree to which you can tackle questions and write them appropriately with proper layout, definition. And picture would indicate your level of preparedness. This would assist you in self-introspective preparation and having a better grasp of your papers.

Optional topic selection

When choosing optional courses for the UPSC test, keep in mind that they carry 500 points in the final total. Before you choose an optional topic, you should constantly consider its pros and downsides. Before you choose a subject, you should consider a few criteria. Consider your interests before selecting a subject, for example. If you can discover a topic that you are interested in. You will get better grades and will find it simpler to study, understand, and remember.

If you have a topic that overlaps with GS, taking that paper would benefit you as a student. Optional subjects for which you would have to study less, or some of the subjects may overlap, and you would not have to repeat the syllabus from the beginning. Consider the circumstance in which you have available tuition for the optional course. If you want to take tuition, choose a topic where you can readily locate notes and coaching facilities to assist your study.

Choose a subject that you are familiar with or have studied in school or college. Taking related subjects can help you comprehend better and will provide you with past information. Allowing you to analyze and answer such questions more easily.

Attending practice tests

When it comes to the UPSC test, learning from mistakes is critical. Making mistakes develops your writing style and provides you with a better understanding of the exam. It is an excellent method of introspection. Attending mock examinations is far more useful than taking down answers from numerous themes and areas, according to experts, because it provides you with a comprehensive preparation and helps you analyze your present status and studying strategies.

When your Azure exams are approaching, you should always take additional mock tests since this helps you prepare for your examinations and provides you with an idea of the questions you could be asked in the actual exams. Mock exams are often focused on the kind of questions that are asked and positive papers, giving you the same difficulty level that you may face and preparing your nerves ahead of time.


All of the following tips and tactics have been certified, tried by students, and used by UPSC hopefuls for many years. Keeping all of these minor details in mind can help you achieve greater results during the preparation with a complete booklist for upsc.


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