Tips for Designing Branded Pin Badges


Branded pin badges are excellent for promoting a brand or product. They are cheap to mass produce and can feature any type of design you want to implement. Pin badges are also fashionable, especially among collectors.

You can have anything on your branded pin badges be it logos, illustrations, or the names of your employees. Promotional badges should feature your brand’s colors and logo. The idea here is to make your brand stand out using the limited space available.

Below are handy tips for designing branded pin badges. 

Consider the Size

Having one shape or size of branded pin badges will work against you. Diversity is important, especially if you have a broad target audience. Another thing that will influence the size of your pin badges is the complexity of your design. 

Having a small pin badge with a complex design will make it look noisy. You may also have to sacrifice some of the finer details in your design. For complex designs, consider making pin badges with a diameter of around 30mm.

Be Creative

Creating promotional products can be challenging. You have to keep your audience in mind during the design phase. You can hire a designer to help add that professional design and creativity to your Rocket Badge branded pin badges.

Choose the right fonts and colors for extra visibility. Also, keep it simple. Having too many details will make the badge look noisy. Some badge manufacturers have a team of in-house designers who can help you polish your final design before production.

Also, avoid adding trending styles on your badge. The best idea is to create timeless badges featuring designs that will stay relevant for a long period. 

Choice of Material

You can create badges using different types of materials. However, choose a material that is cheap but also durable. Soft enamel pin badges are quite popular thanks to the wide range of colors available.

You can also add more detail and texture to soft enamel. Soft enamel pins are cheaper to produce. The only downside to soft enamel badges is they aren’t as durable compared to those made from hard enamel.

Metal badges are high-quality but expensive to produce. Die-struck branded pin badges are made from pressing metal against molded steel. The pressed areas can be painted to add extra detail to the design.

Find a Manufacturer 

Look for a manufacturer who will bring your design to life. There are some things you should consider when choosing a branded pin badge manufacturer. Review their portfolio to see some of their past and present works.

Also, ask about the minimum order quantity before engaging them for their services. A manufacturer with a team of in-house designers is better. Last, ask how long it will take to manufacture your badges.

Final Thoughts

High-quality branded pin badges can do your business a world of good. The tips shared in this guide will help you come up with the best pin badges that match your brand. 

You can sell the badges or gift them to your esteemed customers when they shop with you. You can also gift them to attendees who visit your stand during a marketing fair.


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