Tips For Budget-Friendly Vaping


People tend to switch to vaping because they see it as a better alternative to smoking. This is in terms of the health benefits. Health benefits are often the start of a long list of things you come to expect from your vape. Now that you have been vaping for some time, it’s only natural that you wish to save some more cash. Since vaping, while cheaper than smoking, still tends to carry some costs. There’s nothing wrong with trying to spare some more money to enjoy other things too. That is perfectly understandable because inflation and prices are only going to increase. Add national insurance to that mix; any sane person would want to save more cash.

And with so many options for different types of vape mods, tanks, coils and e-juices, sit can be tempting to buy new accessories for your device continually. Still, if you’re looking to lower your budget, there are plenty of ways to invest in affordable vape options. Purchasing a cheap, single-use e-cig may seem like an efficient way to cut costs, but it tends to be more expensive in the long run as these more affordable products break quickly. Here are some tips on how you can vape on a budget and save money:

1.  Buy Affordable E-liquid Flavours And Brands For Vaping:

The most efficient method to save you money is to buy affordable e-juices as they are an essential part of vaping, and saving up on those will significantly affect overall long-term costs. IVG provides some of the best e-liquid options for every kind of vaper, with some amazing vape juice online deals. You can use your pods and vapes with affordable Ivg flavours, from fruity options like Pink Lemonade Salts and Caribbean Crush to smoother tastes like Vanilla Biscuits to cool flavours like True Menthol. Plus, you can select an e-liquid with precisely the right nicotine content for you. With refillable cartridges, you’ll save money and be able to exert a lot more control over the types of vape juice you use.

2.  Purchase Refillable Pods For Vaping:

To save on costs, the best thing you can do is buy refillable pods. While pre-filled pods can be appealing and convenient, refillable pods offer vapers more flavour options and customization. In addition, pre-filled pods are easy to use on the go. Because when you run out of juice, you can pop another pod in and keep on vaping. But, refillable pods are more affordable in the long run as bottles of e-liquid tend to be cheaper than pre-filled pods. These cartridges can be fill with any e-liquid, allowing you to experiment with more flavours, and you can even use online recipes to combine vape juice and create your unique taste. With refillable cartridges, you also have greater control over the level of nicotine in your pod. So, if you’re looking to lower your nicotine intake, slowly integrate lower nicotine level e-liquids into your vape tank or seek out e-liquids with higher nicotine content to increase your cloud-blowing abilities.

3.  Buy In Bulk:

Buying in bulk has proven to save a lot of costs, and the same can be said about vape products, as buying in bulk can save you money in the long run. With an open-system vape mod, you must change and replace different parts of your mod. This could be like the tank, battery, and coils. And, if you plan on keeping your vape for a long time, these costs can build up to a fortune in the long run. You can cut costs by ordering packs of coils in bulk and keeping them on hand when yours start to go. Buying e-liquids in size can reduce expenses as well. Also, you must ensure you clean each part when necessary.

4.  Invest In A Starter Kit:

For anyone who is just starting in the world of vaping, starter kits are the best way to get everything you need and save some money at the same time. Bundled starter packs usually come with a vape, a charger, and starter e-liquids (refillable or pre-filled pods). This option is much more affordable than purchasing each part individually. Most starter packs offer a discount as an additional perk.

5.  Vape Mouth To Lung:

Vape juice spending is significantly impacted by how you vape. Choosing a Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping style has proven more cost-efficient in the long run than Direct-Lung (DL) vaping.

Direct-to-Lung is more costly than vaping Mouth-To-Lung. DL vaping requires a more powerful device which, as mentioned above, is usually more expensive. Secondly, the lower-resistance coils required for Direct-to-Lung vaping also tend to burn out more quickly than the higher-resistance coils needed for MTL. Hence, they will need to be replaced more often, leading to more spending. The difference can be significant, as most DL coils only last a few days. At the same time, MTL coils can last for weeks with proper care.

Direct-Lung vaping also produces more vapour clouds – causing e-liquid to finish much more quickly.
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So sticking to MTL will stretch your vape juice further.

6.  Use Short-fill E-juices:

If you use low-resistance coils and don’t want to quit DL vaping, there’s another way to save money. As low resistance coils need a high VG e-liquid, you will have to opt for shortfall e-juices since they can prove to be great money savers in this situation. We say this because the newer TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) regulations state that e-liquids containing nicotine are limited to 10ml bottle sizes. And since Shortfill e-liquids are nicotine-free, Shops can sell them in much larger bottles (usually 50ml), and nicotine shots can be mixed with them, so you don’t miss out on your nicotine cravings. Shortfills are usually priced at around £10 – £15, and choosing them over regular 10mls is a much cheaper option. An average 50ml bottle, mixed with a 10ml nic shot, will give you 6x as much e-liquid for a much lesser price. This saves you a fortune in vaping terms.


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