Things to know about the 2022 Toyota Camry


Toyota cars have been quite popular among the people and Camry is one of the most popular names from this brand. People looking to buy this automobile should know a few things in detail. 

This is an amazing vehicle that offers multiple fuel-efficient powertrains, amazing drive assistance features that are kept standard, an excellent interior, and more. Thus, people should visit Meridian Toyota dealer to get this vehicle. 

Things you should know about this car Camry in detail 

The list of amazing things that one can enjoy is massive. Hence, only essential ones are mentioned for people to know what they are buying. Take a look below!

Fuel-efficient powertrains 

Toyota Camry comes with different powertrains for all its available models. The standard option is a 4-cylinder that is combined with a swift automatic 8-speed transmission. However, people seeking something more can always opt for its hybrid version. The 4-cylinder is accommodated with two other electric motors and a battery pack to give a better boost than its base model. 

Nevertheless, if anyone seeks to enjoy the pleasures a real Camry provides, then he/she should opt for the V6 engine. This powertrain is available for all of Camry’s XSE, XLE, and TRD versions. The V6 setup offers 301 ponies which is more than enough for vehicles in this category. 

Also, the Camry now provides drivers with far better responsive handling and controlled rides than its earlier generations. In addition, its steering is enjoyably weighted; also, when cornering or maneuvering when parking feels quite substantial. This version of Camry also provides a firm brake pedal and for the hybrid, there is a regenerative braking system. 

Now all of these powertrains are fuel-efficient; it is why people get a mileage of 39 mpg on highways and 28 mpg in cities when driving the four-cylinder setup. The hybrid model offers 51 mpg in cities and 53 mpg on highways. Lastly, the V6 powertrain gives 22 mpg in cities and 33 mpg on highways. 

People looking to enjoy a fuel-efficient vehicle should get the hybrid option. Otherwise, the V6 and four-cylinder aren’t bad at all. The four-cylinder even sometimes crosses 40 mpg when on a highway. To know more about this car’s fuel efficiency, connect to a Toyota dealer near Meridian

Cabin and comfort of people 

The cabin is designed for people to sit comfortably and its interior gives a rich feeling. The higher a trim is in the variant list, the more comfortable and sophisticated it is designed. The XLE version is nothing short of a luxury vehicle and is the reason most people opt for it. 

Apart from the expensive materials used for designing and creating the cabin, Camry is a full-size sedan that offers ample cargo space. Thus, storage is not an issue at all in this vehicle. 

A Toyota Camry 2022 version starts from $27k approx. However, trims that people should consider buying XLE ($31,700), XSE ($32,250), TRD ($34,000), XLE Hybrid ($33,970), or XSE Hybrid ($34,520). 

So, visit your nearest Toyota dealer and check out the 2022 Camry before bringing it home!


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