The Sasuke Sword and Why It’s Important for Naruto Cosplay


Naruto is a manga and anime known for its in-depth lore, exciting action scenes, and its theme of friendship. Every character in Naruto has their own unique backstory, fighting style, and even their own weapon. If you’re looking to cosplay Sasuke, you first need to understand more about his personality, lore, and the Sasuke sword to better embody the popular protagonist.

Who is Sasuke?
Sasuke grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Itachi, a prodigy of the Uchiha clan and village. Sasuke idolized Itachi himself and followed him during his adventures, trying to train with him, but Itachi seemed hesitant to help him become a better shinobi.

But some of what he had seen and experienced rubbed off on Sasuke. He was one of the top of his class at the Konoha Ninja Academy. This wasn’t enough for his family, however, who still seemed focused on Itachi.

Itachi grew apart from the family, angered at their treatment of Sasuke. After training one day, Sasuke came home to see Itachi standing over the dead bodies of their parents. A horrified Sasuke begged Itachi for an explanation but was only told it was to test his own power. Sasuke ran away, afraid of being next, but Itachi told him he was not worth killing. He told Sasuke to acquire his own Mangekyo Sharigan, demanding Sasuke hate him to fuel his training further.

Sasuke decided to listen to his brother and live a life focused on vengeance. All he wanted was to kill Itachi. Naruto, one of his classmates, was rubbed the wrong way by Sasuke’s outside demeanor but was the only one who seemed to understand Sasuke’s painful experience.

Sasuke’s Personality
Sasuke’s personality has gone through a lot of changes throughout the series. But overall, Sasuka is known to be clever, ambitious, and stubborn. He likes to take on a challenge. But Sasuke can sometimes come across as arrogant.

What does Sasuke wear?
There are two popular outfits you could wear that would immediately be recognized as Sasuke. The first is a navy blue, short-sleeved shirt with a high collar paired with white shorts and sometimes white arm warmers. He has spiky black hair that’s similar in shape to Sonic’s signature spikes.

The second look is from Part II, featuring dark blue pants, a blue cloth, and a purple rope belt. This is a common look for Orochimaru’s followers. His hair isn’t as tall and spiky at this stage.

What is Sasuke’s fighting style?
Sasuke is a prodigy of the Uchiha and is regarded as a legendary shinobi. It’s said that his strength when combined with Naruto’s could destroy the world.

Sasuke has a strong chakra and it becomes stronger and darker whenever his Curse of Hatred deepens. He can use Chidori and other techniques multiple times a day and summon large creatures.

The ninja is very capable in taijutsu, known for his speed and reaction times. His speed has been shown to exceed techniques like the Shield of Sand and Lightning Release Chakra Mode. After being experimented on by Orochimaru, Sasuke is also known to be immune to poisons.

People often debate who is better: Sasuke or Itachi. But many people come to the conclusion that they are just different. Sasuke’s fighting style is reactive. He will often read his opponents and assess situations before attacking. Sasuke is also more physical when it comes to fighting.

What is the Sasuke sword?
When you want to embody Sasuke, the cosplay won’t be complete without his weapon. Sasuke’s personal weapon is the Sword of Kusanagi. He uses it through the entirety of Part II. It’s extremely durable and is seen cutting through various materials in the anime.

Sasuke can make the sword stronger by channeling his lightning chakra into the blade with chakra flow. This increases the sword’s sharpness thanks to high-frequency vibrations. Its cutting range is also increased. At this point, the Sasuke sword can cut anything.

Ice Imports has a very realistic replica of Sasuke’s weapon, made with high quality material and authentic colors and style. The blade is carbon steel and the handle is wooden with a crest. You’ll feel like one of the most powerful shinobi in Naruto when holding Sasuke’s weapon and striking an intense pose at any convention.

The Kusanagi sword was introduced in Shippuden and was first believed to be a very generic sword. But there’s something wild about this sword. When Sasuke uses his sword against Team Kakashi, he attempts to slash Sakura with his sword but the attack is intercepted. Then Yamato tries to block the attack but Sasuke’s sword phases through the kunai blade and pierces Yamato. According to Sasuke, his Kusanagi is impossible to block (although this ability is never mentioned again).

So is the Sasuke sword incredibly special and all-powerful? Or is it a regular sword? It’s hard to say but either way, it has an importance in the anime and really makes all the difference when you’re looking to be Sasuke at the next con.


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