The Roswell Appendix Carry along with OWB Holsters


Alien Gear Holsters has officially released their latest holster, the appropriately called Roswell OWB and left hand gun holsters IWB/Appendix Carry holsters. The Roswell was developed with a minimalist design to maximum performance. OWB is, according to the Alien Gear is both lighter and more durable than traditional Kydex Holsters available in the marketplace.

Holsters Comprise Two Holsters

The summer before, Safariland launched the new, Cordura-coated Black Multicam holsters for an exclusive time. The new holster trims were met by a plethora of positive reviews (maybe but not for the price). Because of the overwhelming demand, Safariland Black Multicam holsters will return to satisfy the needs of their loyal customers. The 6354RDS and 6304RDS and 6354RDS holsters will be two different holsters that are available in this trim. They will be priced at close to $250.

These Safariland black Multicam holsters comprise two holsters. The 6304RDS and the 6354RDS which can be used in a variety of ways, both in fit and function. Both holsters can be used by making use of the QLS 19 Locking Fork OWB. QLS 19 Locking Fork and can be used on belt loops or the leg shrouds (drop holsters). For those who prefer a more relaxed draw angle or prefer to carry everything in their belt. Both holsters can be used with optics ready. Optics aren’t needed to use the holsters, since the gun is held by either the frame. Or light as for the 6304RDS, second layers of security are made by the hood that rotates. For more information about the Safariland Black Multicam, holsters and holsters for ordering details and prices.

Conversation About Their Personal Lives

SHOT Show 2022 is over in the present, 1911 western holster but the memories. And connections we build during these gun shows tend to last longer than the show itself. At the famous circle bar located in The lobby area of the Venetian hotel. I came across Nate often referred to by the name of “Doc” who worked for C&G Holsters OWB. We had a conversation and is it revealed that he’s quite a cool guy. And an ex-military veteran from the forces, as are a lot of his colleagues. It’s been a few months, and I’ve thought it was. A good idea to invite them to for a casual conversation. About their personal lives, their experiences in the army as well as, of course. Talk about their product line-up and the things that differentiate it from other Kydex products available on the market.


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