The Myths of Investing in the Stocks


Many people have misconceptions about stock investing. Therefore, the majority do not invest in stock investments and miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make money with the greatest money-making machine ever created. It misses a rare market opportunity when prices drop to lows that occur only once.

There are many stories and legends about stock investing, but I will only mention the ones that I believe are the most widely known. They are listed in order from most popular to least popular and last.

1.) You need a truckload of money to invest in the stock market.

Simply put, this is the most important thing for anyone who wants to invest in the stock market and US stocks broker comparison. They believe that investing in the stock market requires a large cash reserve. Not true. The availability of the Internet has greatly reduced the transaction costs of stock market brokerage and other transactions. The minimum amount required to invest has also been reduced. When I started investing in stocks, I remember paying only 5,000.00 pesos. P3,000.00 was used for the first deposit to open a savings clearing account and P2,000.00 was used for my trading account. Do you know how much my online broker asks me to keep in my stock market trading account? P500.00 ONLY!

When it comes to buying stocks, the more funds you have in your trading account, the more profitable you are because you can buy more and seize opportunities when the price drops. The amount you need to invest in stocks depends on the price and the minimum number of stocks a person can buy, the “board lot”. Multiplying the board lot by the price he sells per share gives the minimum amount required to buy a particular share. For board lot size information for each stock, please refer to the Stock Information page on the Philippine Stock Exchange website.

What is the minimum amount required to buy shares? This is for Ripley’s – buy stock for as little as P5,000.00! There are 100 shares of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) stock. At the current market price of P50.00 per share, 100 shares x P50.00 per share is P5,000.00.

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Hey Hey? Investing in stocks doesn’t really require a lot of cash.

2.) Investing in the stock market is a complicated business.

It’s not difficult, but it does require some work. What is a profitable venture that promises profits without effort?

Pictures of businessmen and investment magicians perusing charts and graphs and discussing investment theories and principles (Elliot Waves, Fibonacci Expansion) using only terms (resistance, consolidation, etc.). People mistakenly believe that investing in stocks is a complicated business because of the language they understand.

But don’t worry. No one needs to learn such things when investing.

Don’t get me wrong. There are several principles and theories in finance, economics, science, and mathematics that have proven useful in stock market investing. These were established by highly intelligent individuals who are widely known in their field. Some of these theories have been used in investing and have worked well. Some say it’s not just because the stock market is too volatile and capricious to be accurately predicted by sober scientific principles. As Sir Isaac Newton, who lost a lot of money in the Nankai bubble stock scam, pointed out, “I can predict the movements of heavenly bodies, but I cannot predict the madness of people.”

We hope you understand that you don’t need all of these to start investing in the stock market. You just need to learn simple, basic business principles and clear common sense. You should be able to read and understand financial statements, but you don’t have to understand all the principles and theories of accounting. If you have a basic knowledge of financial statements, business acumen and good old common sense, you’ll be fine.

3.) Invest in stocks and become a millionaire overnight.

Look at the stock market from a business perspective. After all, stocks are part of the business, so buying stocks is buying a business.

Then you’ll better understand that investing in the stock market won’t make you a millionaire overnight. There’s still no one who starts a business one day and the next day or the next week he sells for $1 million. Like a seed, a business takes time to grow. before going home


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