The List of the Best Indian Schools in Sharjah


Sharjah is well-known for its range of family-friendly accommodations for ex-pats who want to be close to amenities, including schools, supermarkets and hospitals. Due to the large number of Indian schools in Sharjah, the emirate is particularly popular among Indian ex-pats.

There is a list of Indian schools in Sharjah that provide a very supportive educational environment for students.

Sharjah’s Most Popular Indian Schools

Here is a list of schools in Sharjah where your children can get a quality education.

ASPAM Indian International School

A part of Gulf Petrochem’s CSR and Foundation, Gulf Petrochem’s ASPAM is ASPAM Indian International School.

The school curriculum is CBSE, the most popular among Indian schools in the United Arab Emirates. A “best practices from across the world” amalgamation is used at KG. Indian Schools in Sharjah all done in English. All students must take Arabic, and they also have the option of taking French or Hindi as an elective.

Primary and middle school students are required to study literacy, numeracy and science, as well as social studies, value education and Islamic studies, among other disciplines. In the words of ASPAM IIS, it is the only Indian school that takes a holistic approach and claims to have established an Indian Curriculum in a unique manner.

Delhi Private School

One of Sharjah’s best Indian schools has been Delhi Private School for the past 17 years. The school has a forward-looking approach to education, emphasising an active curriculum. Students in grades KG-1 through XII attend the school. Affiliated with the CBSE in New Delhi, they follow the CBSE curricula. From KG II, students are eligible to apply to DPS Sharjah. Students who want to enter grade 12 must take an admission test.

Libraries, language labs, STEM centres and a learning portal are just some of the cutting-edge resources available at the school. The Sheikh Hamdan Awards have been given to Delhi Private School the most times.

Muwaileh, where DPS Sharjah is located, is popular among families. Rental flats in Muwaileh may be a wonderful option for parents who want to live close to their children’s schools.

Sharjah Indian School

One of Sharjah’s oldest Indian schools, Sharjah Indian School, has been in operation for 37 years. At the moment, the school has around 9,500 students. With most teachers sticking to the curriculum developed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training in India, it follows the CBSE curriculum.

Academics and extracurriculars at this school focus on educating students for the future while also keeping up with current educational trends.

This school has a separate block for boys and girls. The scientific labs in both blocks are well-equipped. Student experimentation and creative problem-solving are emphasised in the classroom.

Sharjah Ambassador School

Ambassador School is a notable Indian curriculum school in Sharjah and is part of the larger Ambassador group, including well-known schools in Dubai.

Sharjah Ambassador School offers a variety of resources to help students study more effectively, including well-equipped sports rooms, extracurricular activities and more. There is also a large library, labs, a swimming pool, music and theatre studios and other cutting-edge amenities within the school.

Delta English School

Delta English School is a great place to share ideas because of the way teachers work. Teachers are seen more as guides than as leaders of learning. Students and teachers talk about ideas with each other and with the teachers.

It is one of the few Indian schools in Sharjah that uses methods other than the usual ones to teach. In-house systems are things like the Delta Education System and Delta IQ. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is used in both academic and non-academic ways at the Sharjah school Delta English School.

Compared to Sharjah’s most prestigious schools, getting into Delta isn’t easy. Applicants must take the Pre-Entrance Clearance Examination (PACE) and a personal interview before making a final decision.

Emirates National School

Emirates National School is different from other Sharjah schools because it has a programme called “Life Skills.” Even though all of the current ways of teaching are used, the Life Skills Program focuses on teaching skills that can be used in real life.

At Emirates National School, students learn more about team-building and communication skills via activities like role-playing, pruning, robotics competitions, science fairs, performing arts, excursions and camping.

Our Own English School

GEMS Education, which operates schools in 14 countries, owns and manages Our Own English School. Its goal is to break new ground in education. The school has received several international accolades for the remarkable efforts of its faculty and students throughout the years. Scholarships are also available to high-achieving students.

Consider this list of schools and choose the best school for your child in Sharjah!


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