The History of Aukini


Aukini is a Polynesian goddess who is known for her ability to shape-shift into a variety of animals. She is also considered to be the goddess of the sea, and is often depicted with a fish on her head. Her origins are unknown, but she is thought to have originated in the islands of Tonga or Samoa.
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The Mythical Creature

Aukini is a mythical creature that is said to live in the waters of Hawaii. It is often described as a serpent with a human head and body. Some believe that it is a form of mermaid, while others believe that it is an alligator with a human head. Whatever its true identity, Ahukini is one of Hawaii’s most famous and enigmatic creatures.

The Origin of Aukini

The origin of Aukini can be traced back to ancient times in Hawaii. The legend tells of a goddess who emerged from the ocean and saved her people from a famine. People began to worship Ahukini as their patron goddess, and she is still worshipped today.

The Legend of Aukini

The Legend of Aukini tells the story of a beautiful goddess who was betrayed and maltreated by her own people. In retaliation, she turned into a powerful ocean spirit, determined to punish her enemies. Over time, she became known as Ahukini, the goddess of the waves. Today, she is still worshipped in many coastal communities around the world.

The Rituals associated with Aukini

There are a number of rituals associated with Aukini, the goddess of the ocean. One of the most common is the Makaliʻi blessing, in which a priest blesses the waves as they crash against the shore. Another involves lashing oneself to a post in order to feel the force of the waves. There are also prayers for safe passage and luck in fishing.

The meaning of Aukini

Aukini is a Polynesian word meaning “the place of the gods.” It is also known as Maunakea, the land of the sun god. The island of Ahukini is located in Hawaii and is considered sacred by the people of Hawaii. The island is believed to be the birthplace of the sun god.


Aukini was founded in 2006 by two college friends, Keith and Shannon. Their vision was to create a line of clothing that embodied their Hawaiian heritage and reflected the island lifestyle they loved. Today, Ahukini continues to design pieces that are inspired by Hawaii’s culture and natural beauty.


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