The Biggie: Pizza Hut Super Size Stuffed Crust


As the article begins, a customer named Dave goes into a local Pizza Hut and orders his favorite meal – but instead of a regular-sized pizza, he is served a huge pizza stuffed with chicken. The customer is not happy, and neither is the staff member he talks to at the counter.

How Did Pizza Hut Get So Big?

When it comes to pizza, few companies match the scale and reach of Pizza Hut. The company has over 2,000 restaurants in more than 60 countries and it’s no wonder why. From its classic cheese and pepperoni pies to its outrageous super-size stuffed crusts, Pizza Hut has something for everyone. So how did this iconic restaurant become so powerful?

The answer starts with a simple concept – offering something different. Unlike most pizza chains, which specialize in one type of pie, Pizza Hut’s offered a range of options, from traditional cheese and pepperoni to specialty pies like the Hawaiian and buffalo chicken varieties. This diversity allowed Pizza Hut to appeal to a wider range of customers, who came looking for something new and exciting.

Another key factor in Pizza Hut’s success is its dedication to customer service. From the moment you walk into a store, employees are eager to please. They’re always willing to help you choose the right pizza for your taste and dietary restrictions, and they go above and beyond to ensure that your experience is positive. In short, Pizza Hut knows how to make customers happy – which is why it’s one of the most popular restaurant chains in the

The Biggest Slice: The Super-Sized Stuffed Crumpet

At Pizza Hut, we know that there’s nothing like a good ol’ Stuffed Crust pizza. So we’re excited to bring you our biggest slice yet – the Super Sized Stuffed Crumpet! This pie is huge – more than two inches thick and stuffed with all your favorite pizza toppings. Plus, it’s served with your choice of crust and sauce.
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So what are you waiting for? Give the Super Sized Stuffed Crumpet a try at your nearest Pizza Hut today!

A Comparison of Pizza Hut’s Original Toppings with the “SuperSize” Toppings

In honor of National Pizza Day, we decided to compare the Original toppings at Pizza Hut with the SuperSize toppings.

Original Toppings:
-Green Peppers
-Tomato Sauce
-Garlic Salt

SuperSize Toppings:
-Green Peppers
-Pizza Sauce (plus extra for dipping)
-Garlic Salt


Pizza Hut’s Super Size Stuffed Crust is definitely one of the biggies when it comes to pizza offerings. It’s huge, it’s stuffed with toppings, and most importantly, it tastes great. If you’re in the mood for something hearty and delicious, this is definitely the pizza for you.


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