Surprising Health Benefits of Volunteering (for Body and Mind)


Promotes physical exercise

The majority of volunteer activities involve some form of exercise, which is beneficial to your health.

You’re constantly moving, whether you’re distributing posters on the street or planning an event for the retirement community in your community. You can be sure that this will improve your physical health.

While volunteer opportunities true that various volunteer opportunities require diverse amounts of effort, the ultimate line is that your body will benefit from them. Volunteers are as healthy as non-volunteers who are five years younger, according to studies.

Yeap. It appears that one of the health benefits of volunteering is to extend one’s lifespan.

Enhances Heart Health

The advantages of volunteering for physical health frequently have a cascading effect on the body.

Consider how it maintains the health of your heart. As previously said, volunteering encourages physical exercise and lowers blood pressure. It should therefore come as no surprise that it also benefits heart health given the relationship between the three.

Additionally, a study found that this health advantage isn’t just for adults. Teenagers who volunteered for an after-school program for an hour each week reportedly had reduced cholesterol and inflammatory levels. They live healthier life than their peers, in other words.

Decreases Stress and Depression

Volunteering offers more than just health benefits; it also makes you feel fulfilled. They consist of being involved in your community, lending a hand to people in need, and supporting a cause.

In light of this, a study discovered that consistent volunteers, particularly older ones, have decreased incidences of depression. According to a different study, volunteering helps lower depressive symptoms in people with chronic pain.
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Volunteering can also help to lower stress. You may find happiness and significance in your day through any activity you enjoy, whether it’s the connections you establish while volunteering at a children’s hospital or the time you spend at an animal shelter.

Offers a sense of direction

As they go about their daily routines, people frequently lament the “lack of purpose” in their life.

Volunteering, on the other hand, keeps you mentally and physically active, distracts you from your troubles, and gives your life a new purpose.

Helping others can give people, especially older ones, fresh views. This includes retired people who are feeling lost or bored.

In the end, regardless of your age or stage of life, supporting a cause you believe in enables you to feel a part of something greater than yourself.

Supports Learning

It gets more difficult to learn new things and memorize new information as we get older. Consider how much simpler it is for small children to acquire new languages than it is for adults. And that applies to just about everything.

Because of this, it’s crucial to give our brains regular mental workouts through learning-stimulating tasks.

In this sense, volunteering is a fantastic tool to promote education. This is so because the majority of volunteer activities entail knowledge and skill sharing. You keep your memory strong and intellect in shape by investing some time in acquiring and imparting those skills and knowledge.


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