Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Books on Amazon [2020]


Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Books on Amazon [2020]

It is not too late to begin selling books on Amazon; in fact, you still have time. In point of fact, Amazon is responsible for about half of all book sales made in the United States alone.

Because of its high level of credibility and the diverse price options it provides for sellers, it is the greatest location to sell books online. There is always a specialized market. There is always a chance for something.

The most important issue that newcomers frequently inquire about is whether or not selling books on Amazon is worthwhile.

The only way to provide a satisfactory response to that inquiry is to ascertain whether or not YOU possess the resources necessary to establish an internet business that is successful.

Before you begin selling on Amazon, we have collated everything you need to know and laid it out for you in this comprehensive step-by-step tutorial.

Also by using tool like Jungle scout, you can do a proper competitor research and find out what’s working best at this time.

This is more than just a guide; it also includes a checklist, a list of free ideas, and an abundance of helpful tips. We wanted everything to be perfect for you.

How to Sell Books on Amazon 

If you are ready to begin selling books on Amazon, the first step is to schedule exactly 1 hour 57 minutes every day to work on your side hustle. If you are ready to get started, read on.

If you want to develop a successful side business, The Hustle (link opens in new tab) reports that you need an average of 11 hours per week to devote to it. This equates to almost two hours every day (but ideally more).

You should put a hold on your schedule for these specific hours if you are truly committed to making it work. And if you want to take your firm to the next level, you should think about developing a comprehensive project plan that outlines the steps to be taken.

In this Jungle scout review you can find out why it is a great tool to help you get started and sell your book on Amazon.

There is a lot riding on the answers to these questions. Continue reading to obtain all of the information you want.

How to find books to sell on Amazon

You got lucky by picking a simple market segment to target while selling on Amazon. If we limit ourselves to the category of print books, then you have the option of selling either old books or new books. It can be summed up like this.

Selling old books, particularly ones that you have already owned and read, presents the least amount of danger for someone interested in becoming an Amazon seller. Look through your shelves and closets for any books you might be able to sale.

If you have never tried selling products or services online before, using this strategy is an excellent way to gain experience in the field.

Do not give up on selling your items, even if you are unable to do it straight away. Keep in mind that the contents of your hoard are probably merely a reflection of your taste and not what might sell the best in the future. For more information

(In addition, if you truly want to get rid of your old textbooks and other items, you may take advantage of Amazon’s trade-in program, which will open in a separate tab and allow you to view its details.)

Visit the website of our X-parent cart’s business, Seller Labs, if you are interested in learning more about the types of books that customers are searching for. (link opens in a new window) They provide a tool that can assist you in determining the keywords that people are looking for when shopping on Amazon.

Check out the keyword research tool on Hubdesk that they have here (opens in new tab). They also provide free trials that last for a whole month!

What used books sell best on Amazon?

Checking a book’s position on Amazon’s Best Sellers List is one approach to determine the genres of books that are the site’s most popular sellers (BSR). The ranking of each book may be seen on the page listing that corresponds to that book.

A good keyword research tool can help you find what are the best selling books on amazon along with the monthly search volume.

If a book has a lower rank, it indicates that more copies of that book are being sold each month. A book that is ranked number one may sell around 1,500 copies each month.

It’s possible that a book with a price tag of over one million won’t sell even one copy.

If you want to make a profit selling on Amazon, most seasoned sellers will advise you that you need to price your books at AT LEAST $7 in order to break even. If you want to earn a profit, you should plan on at least $10, or $12 if you want some more cushion.

In general, the lower the price you set it at, the more the fees that Amazon will charge you will be.

You would need to source and buy your inventory from wholesalers, distributors, or the publishers directly in order to fulfill your orders. You can only turn a profit off of selling new books if you make big purchases of such books (think four or five figures worth of orders every month).

If you wish to successfully manage large orders, we recommend that you follow the best practices for inventory management (opens in new tab).

One further choice is to stock up on publications by independently published writers, who frequently do not have any relationships with distributors.

The most significant disadvantage associated with this practice is that self-published books typically involve a significant amount of risk (let’s just put it this way: they are often of poor quality).

If you are just starting out with learning how to sell books on Amazon, then it is highly recommended that you begin by specializing on pre-owned books. (You’ll be thanking us later.)

How to ship the books 

Use Amazon’s Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) delivery service while you are still getting the hang of selling books on the platform.

This entails that you are in charge of packing and shipping each and every purchase that comes in. The task ought to be reasonable being as how you will only have a modest inventory to manage and a small number of orders to complete.

Click here to view Amazon’s FBM fees (this link opens in a new tab) (and a handy calculator to compare plans)

Keep in mind that if you choose FBM, it indicates that YOU will be in charge of everything, including providing customer care.


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