Stefon SNL: “To Serve Man”


A blog article about the Stefon SNL skit from the 1970s. Breakdown of the evolution and evolution of satire, different types of satire, and satirical humor through history.

Stefon SNL

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the first episode of Saturday Night Live, SNL celebrated with a special episode featuring Stefon. Stefon reprised his role as Chef from “To Serve Man” and performed several classic sketches including the monologue about wanting to be a celebrity, the song “Puttin on the Ritz” and a hilarious parody of The Cosby Show.

To Serve Man

In 1969, the television show “Saturday Night Live” aired its first episode. Stefon, a character played by Bill Murray, delivered one of the show’s most memorable sketches, “To Serve Man.” The sketch featured a futuristic food delivery service where customers could order anything they wanted and their food would arrive at their doorstep exactly as it was ordered. The premise of the sketch is still relevant today, as customers continue to demand convenient and fast food delivery services.

Murray’s Stefon was a character full of humor and mischief. He was always up for a good time, even when he was working. His interactions with his co-workers were hilarious and often involved shenanigans. For example, when one of his colleagues offers to help him deliver the food, Stefon slyly responds, “I don’t think so – I’m in uniform.”

The character of Stefon represented everything that was fun and exciting about being on “Saturday Night Live”. He was an outrageous personality who always managed to make people laugh. He was also well-loved by fans of the show because of his likable nature. Even after all these years, Stefon’s sketches are still popular and enjoyable to watch.

The Bible

On the latest episode of “Saturday Night Live”, Stefon hosted a sketch in which he played Jesus. The sketch, which was inspired by the recent film “To Serve Man”, saw Stefon portraying Jesus as a futuristic being who is upset that humans have become complacent and no longer enjoy their lives. In the sketch, Stefon teaches humans about the importance of service and how living a fulfilling life can be achieved through doing things that are not necessarily seen as enjoyable.

Stefon’s portrayal of Jesus is spot-on and his message is important. He shows that it is possible to be humorous while preaching wisdom and that it is necessary to remember that humans are still capable of great things. His sketch is a reminder that we should never lose sight of our purpose or stop striving for something better.

Thug Life

Stefon SNL: “To Serve Man”

In a recent episode of Saturday Night Live. Stefon (played by Bill Hader) reprised his role as the Master of Ceremonies. For an entire segment dedicated to the song “To Serve Man.” Originally performed by The Kinks in 1967. The song is a scathing commentary on the dehumanizing effects of technology and bureaucracy.

Hader’s Stefon is perfectly encapsulated by the song’s lyrics. He seems content to serve man without question or complaint, even when it’s clear that he’s being used. Though he may appear cheerful and obedient on the surface, Stefon is actually a frustrated and resentful man.

Black Power

In 1969, comedian and SNL cast member, Stefon, released an album entitled “To Serve Man”. The album was a satirical take on the space race and the Vietnam War. Some of the tracks on the album include “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, “The Captain”, and “To Serve Man”. The song, “To Serve Man”, is a satire of the space race and the Vietnam War. It is sung from the perspective of an alien who has come to Earth to observe humans and learn about their culture. The lyrics are written in a parody of English grammar and vocabulary.

Blame Game

Every Stefon SNL skit has a story behind it. In “To Serve Man,” Stefon’s character is trying to figure out. He wants to do with his life and ends up in a restaurant serving people.
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It’s a great skit because it’s so relatable and it’s funny.


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