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To use Spice Money, you need to have an Aadhar card or a PAN card. You can retrieve your Aadhar card by using the application’s “Forgot Aadhikari ID?” feature. Once you have your Aadhikari ID, you can sign in to Spice Money and make payments with technolookup.com

Spice Money Login

To access the Spice Money B2B Portal, you need to register for an ID. You can do so by registering online. To get an ID, you must pay a small fee. The cost varies depending on the type of ID you need. An agent ID costs 1500 Rupees and enables you to access all the services. After getting an ID, go to the official website of Spice Money. Aadhikari ID From there, you must choose the option to “Join Now” and fill out your first and last names, pin code, state, and city. Once you have entered the details correctly, you will be able to sign in and access the website.

The first step is to register for the Spice Money login. This can be done by visiting the official website or downloading the Aadhikari ID app. Once you have registered, you must have a mobile with internet. You will receive an OTP on your mobile phone. After verifying your number, you must submit your registration form. You will then be provided with an ID and password. Then, you can use this ID and password to login to your Spice Money account. After entering your data, you will be asked to review the terms and conditions.

Activation of Aadhar card

If you are planning to activate your Aadhar card on Spice Money B2, you need to follow these steps to get the process started. First, you need to download the app to your smartphone. Once you have done that, you will need to log in to the website of Spice Money. Next, you will need to fill up some personal details. The information you need to fill up will depend on your identity. You will have to provide your first and last names, PAN card quantity, address pin code, city, and state. Once you have done this, the on-boarding team will activate your account.

After this, you will be prompted to provide your Aadhar card number. This will allow you to verify your identity, which is necessary if you plan to do a balance inquiry. Spice Money will also allow you to do as many Balance Inquiries as you need in a day. Once you have completed all of these steps, you can go ahead and use the Aadhar card on Spice Money.

Activation of PAN card

If you are an agent of Spice Money and are looking to activate your PAN card, you can now do so on the Spice Money B2B Portal. To register as an agent, all you need is an Agent User ID. You can then choose your Commission Chart. You will be able to see the commission rates as well as the commission amount. You can also access the customer service department in case of any problem.

Once you activate your PAN card on the Spice Money B2B Portal, you can start earning commissions from the company. You can earn a commission based on the number of transactions you make and the services you offer. You will also get commissions for other tasks such as Balance Inquiries.


The first step in using the Spice Money login system is to register. This requires the user to register with a valid email ID and a password. The user can also reset the password. Then he/she can use the b2b services provided by the portal.

The B2B portal provides a plethora of services for agents. For instance, it has recently launched a ticketing service with IRCTC and entered into an agreement with Yes Bank. In addition, it offers full banking services to agents.

While there are many similar portals in India that provide the same services, Spice Money is the most popular and widely used. In fact, it has over 1,00,000 agents in India and is one of the fastest-growing organizations in India. The application, which is also known as a B2B portal, is used primarily by agents to conduct business.

Withdrawal of money

In order to withdraw money from Spice Money, you need to create an ID and password. These two are required to access the Spice Money website and activate all the services. To create an ID, visit the official site of Spice Money and click on Join Now. Enter your name, last name, and address. Also, you will need to enter your PIN code, city, and state. Once you have completed all these requirements, you will be able to create your account.

Once you have created your account, you need to set up a password to access the Spice Money B2B Portal for Agents. If you forget your password, you can reset it easily. First, go to the login page of Spice Money. Next, click on the ‘Forgot password?’ option. In the new window, type your login ID and password. After entering these information, click on ‘Submit’. After completing this step, you will receive an OTP.


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