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The Middle trip Social Media Marketing team will add an individual, unique, professional style to your Facebook and Instagram page. Employees, Social Media Marketing managers will make the right targeting, and editors and designers with good taste will prepare high-quality content, interesting headlines, and original, creative posts for you. A professional photo and video team will organize high-quality professional photos and videos. Now your page will match your work and image. Along with a professional, attractive page, this will allow you to get the right number of real followers, live comments, and “likes” and thus increase the number of potential customers.

What is our goal?

Let’s start with the fact that Middle trip is a medical brand. Our company, which began its activities in 2017 in three directions, has increased the number of services provided to five in a short time thanks to the high-quality services offered. Almost all services related to the medical field can be found on the Middle trip. The company aims to bring Azerbaijan’s healthcare and innovation capabilities to the world level.

Our service, intended only for doctors and medical professionals, proves that we have no competitors in this field. The slogan of the Healthcare Social media marketing service is “TURN A NAME INTO A BRAND.” True to our motto, we prioritize quality over quantity. Our goal is to adequately represent the sacred profession of healthcare in Social Media Marketing. Because here we mean not only doctors but also ourselves.

What is a brand for?

A brand is an image that forms in people’s minds when they hear your name. A personal brand provides opportunities to ensure that you are recognized in your field as a specialist and independent of clinics. An individual brand in social networks allows you to simultaneously demonstrate your activities and work results to many people at once. This will enable you to present yourself to potential clients as a professional and a person.

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What is a social network? 

date of creation

 Sociologist James Barners first introduced the idea of a social network. A “social network” is a social structure of social objects (individuals or groups) and communication nodes.

Later in 1988, Finnish student Bright Ojkarina created IRC (Internet Chat) technology that allowed real-time communication.

The Internet, created in 1991 by the English scientist Tim Berners-Lee, has become a significant event.


On February 4, 2004, the social network in the modern sense was first introduced to the world. So, a group of students from Harvard University, led by Mark Zuckerberg, who will become popular after a while, created a Facebook web page. At that time, the concept of a social network did not yet exist, and the page began to function as a platform. The goal was to create a large database of those who study at the university.

Since then, the social network has rapidly integrated into people’s lives.

And the “like competition” increases the attention of companies to the social network since the “likes” given to posts increase interest in this product and create real buying potential.

What is Social Media Marketing?

The next step in social media evolution in the business industry. The result is Social Media Promotion-SMP, social media promotion. In a short time, SMP, which has attracted the attention of all major companies, develops and developed into Social Media Marketing and social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing: social media marketing (Facebook and Instagram) is the fastest and most effective type of social media advertising. You can talk about SMM all day long. You can speak from creating an ordinary social page to “branding” (presenting a branded product to the market).

What does Social Media Marketing ho with medicine or doctors and clinics? If we consider the work of doctors as marketers, then the services (products) they provide are the treatment of various diseases.

Social Media Marketing is the most powerful tool in promotion today. A correctly presented product attracts the attention of a potential client (patient) of the doctor.

Today, Instagram is considered the most powerful platform for creating, generating additional income, and attracting viewers.

The advantage of the Middle Trip Social Media Marketing service is that?

  • Works only for those who work in the field of medicine
  • Our professionalism in the field of medicine
  • The high quality of our work

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