Skin Treatment Guide: What is the cost of Skin Whitening Treatment in India?


Everyone loves healthy and glowing skin. With the help of various skin treatment options, Skin whitening treatment has now become quite easier to restore lost glow and achieve your desired skin tone. A perfect skin tone and clean face can help you build your self-confidence and bring out the strongest versions of yourself in the most competitive places. Skin whitening treatment is one of the best ways to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin in the most relaxing and cost-effective manner in India.

Skin whitening treatment primarily focuses on reducing excessive melanin content present in your skin. Excessive melanin can give rise to hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and other skin problems that might take years to get rid of. However, with skin whitening treatment you can reclaim your lost glow, quickly in fewer sessions.

In this guide, we will walk you through some of the most vital information about it treatment and ways you can determine your cost. Keep reading this article till the end to explore various aspects and expand your knowledge about it .  

What is skin whitening treatment? 

The skin whitening treatment is a dermatological process used by experts across the globe to enhance the complexion of skin via the molecule Glutathione. Molecule glutathione is a chemical substance that helps slow down the enzyme that causes melanin production in the body. With the help of this treatment, you can achieve fairer, glowing, brighter, and improved skin texture on the most exposed areas of your body. 

Furthermore, the key agent used in this process, Glutathione, has a high potential for antioxidant properties that encourages immunity and detoxifies the liver and other organs in the body. In this way, you can enjoy the treatment without worrying about any harmful side effects and skin-related problems. 

Skin whitening treatment option 

Your skin whitening treatment cost primarily depends on the type of treatment you choose. Here are some top skin treatment options to choose from 

1. Chemical peel for lightening option 

This treatment is done using the application of a solution containing alpha-hydroxy acids extracted from natural resources to exfoliate the damaged upper layers of the skin. The chemical peel process can be of three types such as light, medium, and deep options. It is important to note this treatment is more suitable for a facial skin lightening procedure. 

2.  Laser treatment for skin lightening 

In this process, experts use a concentrated beam of light to minimize the melanin buildup in the target area. Laser treatment for skin lightening is extremely popular and highly recommended skin treatment in India. This treatment helps you achieve healthier and brighter skin. This treatment is an effective and safe solution to brighten the skin tone for both the face and specific body parts. 

3. Skin lightening injections 

Skin lightening injections are another most widely used skin whitening treatment across the globe. These skin lightening injections contain glutathione, which helps you detoxify the body, protect the skin from harmful UV rays, minimize the production of tyrosinase, and enhance your skin tone. Before opting for this treatment it is recommended to do the appropriate research and consult your doctor for a better understanding. 

4. Skin lightening products 

Skin lightening products are one of the easiest to get proper skin texture and glow on your face. Most of these products contain ingredients including azelaic acid, retinol, arbutin, glycolic acid, lactic acid, arbutin, and kojic acid. However, these products are not advisable for longer-term use. 

5. Arbutin 

Arbutin is a popular ingredient used in many skin lightening products and anti-pigmentation solutions. Arbutin can be extremely effective in reducing freckles, ageingaging spots, stretch marks, and more. 

These were some skin whitening treatment options to choose from. The cost of these treatments can vary from clinic to clinic and depending on your skin requirements. 

What is the cost of skin whitening treatment in India? 

As per the research, the average cost of chemical peel treatment can range from Rs 1,800 to 5,500, laser treatment from Rs 4,000 to Rs 30,000, and skin lightening injections from Rs 6,000 to Rs 40,000 respectively in India. 

There are many factors that can heavily influence the cost of skin whitening treatment such as customization based on the individual skin type, size of the target area, clinic locations, and more.  

It is always an ideal decision to pamper your skin every now and then. With skin whitening treatment you can achieve a perfect texture and glow in your skin in the most effective and safest manner. 


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