Save on your next move with these cheap moving options near you


If you’re moving within the next month or two, then chances are you have plenty on your mind and hands. One thing you don’t need to be worrying about? Moving costs! By getting creative and taking advantage of cheap moving options near you, you can save on moving expenses, which will free up extra cash for things like buying new furniture to fill your new place or treating yourself to something nice since it’s been so long since you moved last time!

Cheap Movers

Moving can be an expensive proposition. From hiring professionals to load and unload heavy furniture, to paying for gas and miles traveled, there are a variety of expenses that can quickly add up. But don’t despair—there are still plenty of ways to save money on your next move. Here are some tips that should help keep those costs down

Cheap Storage

Not all cheap storage is created equal, but if you need a place to stash some belongings for a few months or years, it’s not hard to find a unit in your price range. There are units available from places such as Suddath and U-Haul that rent for as little as $35/month in most parts of the country. Some locations offer cheaper rates during summer months; start comparing today and figure out what works best for your needs. If you want one more affordable option, check Craigslist—many people who’ve recently moved will post ads offering free or cheap furniture storage.

Cheap Packing Supplies

Moving can be expensive. A big part of that expense comes from how much you spend on packing and shipping supplies. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend lots of money if you want to keep costs low. The best way to save is by finding cheap or even free packing supplies, whether it’s boxes or tape. Instead of buying everything brand new, consider recycling boxes and using old newspapers, butcher paper, or other materials instead. You may also be able to get some good deals at a local grocery store or discount retailer if they have a surplus of shipping supplies; just make sure they’re not damaged before using them in transit.

Thrift Stores

Instead of hiring a pricey moving company, make use of cheap movers nearby and find secondhand trucks and vans for sale. Be careful to inspect any used truck or van for damage (like rust, dents and stains) that might affect its value; look in door jams and underneath seats, too. If possible, take a test drive to be sure that all systems are functioning properly before purchasing them. Or negotiate a reduced price if there’s significant damage. You can often rent any necessary tools through companies like U-Haul when you arrive at your destination. Many companies allow renters to rent dollies at one location but return them to another location—so renting while traveling is an inexpensive alternative to shipping via large freight carriers. Another option? Volunteer!

Moving Coupons and Deals

So, you’re moving? Finding cheap movers near by is a great idea. Whether it’s out of necessity or just to save money, having cheap movers can help stretch those moving dollars and keep more cash in your pocket at tax time. One of the best ways to do that is by signing up for free online coupons. Moving companies are always looking for new customers, so they offer big discounts and even freebies like boxes or packing tape if you get their name via coupon code. It also doesn’t hurt to ask about reduced rates for first-time customers—many businesses are willing to cut costs if it means creating a long-term relationship with a customer who will be sure to use them again.


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