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Historical consistency is an important part of 토토사이트 watershed planning. As engineers, we have to be polite when we work. First we need to ask: What kind of results do we expect and for what purpose will the results be used?

Always talk to your boss about how much time do we have? so we can agree on a delivery time. Also to avoid unnecessary actions, especially if we know that he did not arrive on time The amount of information available and our dependence on information.

Only after looking at all these systems can we start the comparison.

What exactly is historical unity and why do we make historical equations? As with the stock market, we can predict future trends assuming they won’t change too much over a period of time. Thus, if the field operating conditions do not change significantly during the season, we can predict the future performance of the reservoir based on the observations made so far. In fact, this is the most important thing in management, especially when talking about future rents or the future income of the company.

Reaction equilibrium or numerical simulation methods are used to 토토사이트 pressure and reaction rate. In fact, engineers spend most of their time testing various tanks and water conditions. To do the job right, you have to do it step by step, otherwise we get stuck and waste a lot of time trying to fit each parameter. My understanding is that we do this from the bottom up, starting with the pond and checking the soil conditions. These are the recommended intervals for integration.

  • Pressure at the bottom of the tank (he).
  • The price of oil
  • The water/oil ratio is created
  • Hose end pressure

When there is enough data,

 it is more reliable to use the scales as a guide for fitting than to try them first when there is enough data. This is because we can rely on a pressure gauge (most modern pressure gauges use a quartz gauge). However, when it comes to speed, especially when measured at small sizes, there are likely to be measurement errors. Therefore, quality control data in the field is important. When we look an image in the eye, we must question its credibility.


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