Planning to Send a Digital Wedding Card? Remember The Dos and Don’ts!


What’s the best way to tell your loved ones about your marriage? Well, without any second thought you will think about a wedding invitation card because it has been the norm for so many years across all parts of India. However, one thing has changed in recent times–people have started to send digital wedding card in place of physical invitations for their Shaadi. One of the many reasons why the concept of digital wedding cards is getting popular among people is the convenience and flexibility it provides to them. 

There are so many online wedding card maker platforms available that you can easily make your card in a few simple easy steps. Also, people are realizing the environmental impact of paper wedding cards and that’s why they are switching to digital wedding cards. If you’ve got your wedding date fixed and several questions are running through your mind, this article can help you a lot. 

Here, we will talk about all the dos and don’ts related to the digital wedding card so that you leave no stones unturned in making your invitation for Shaadi. Let’s cut to the chase without wasting any time!

DOs for Your Digital Wedding Card

First, we will talk about the things that you should include in your wedding card without any fail. 

Nice, Catchy Introduction

The first thing on your digital wedding card should have a nice, catchy introduction so that your loved ones feel happy by seeing the message. It should be catchy and authentic. For example, it can be the lyrics of a song that both of you like to listen to. It will also give a personal touch to your e-wedding card. Other than that, you can also add a special message, the memory of your first meeting, your favorite poem, or anything else. 

Bring Your Wedding Theme to Your Card

One of the most special things that you can add to your wedding card is the theme that you’re going to apply to your marriage. Like if you are going for a traditional theme at your wedding, you should include a few traditional elements in your Shaadi invitation. Adding this will give your wedding invitation card coherence. Also, guests will get an idea about your wedding theme in advance.

Mention Social Media, Website, and Hashtag

Nowadays, people also make social media channels and websites for their special day. If you have also done something like this, you should not forget to mention the same on your wedding card. It will give your users an option to check the content on your website and social media as well. Also, if you’ve thought of any hashtag for your wedding, mention that as well. 

RSVP Details

If you have the exact number of guests attending your wedding, you have better chances to prepare for the same. So, in one small corner of your digital wedding card, mention the contact details of the person who is managing all the RSVP details.
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DON’Ts for your Digital Wedding Card

Let’s look at the things you should not do on your wedding invitation card. 

Don’t Add Unnecessary Details

When creating your digital wedding card, you should only add important print design details like the names of the bride and groom, venue details, and the date and time of your wedding. Adding unnecessary details to your card will only increase its page count. And generally, e-cards don’t have more than one page. 

Don’t Mention Dress Code

You should not mention the dress code until and unless you’re going for a different wedding. The reason we’re saying this is that it might put unnecessary pressure on guests and you wouldn’t want that. Make them as comfortable as you want.


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