Online Appointment with a Cardiologist


I stayed at the urgent care unit for about a week after I suffered a heart attack. On the day of my discharge, I received medication and was to rest as much Cardiologist as possible since I was still at risk and stop any regular activities for the next two months.

This whole experience has caused me to feel a wide range of emotions, including anxiety, depression, and fear that something might go wrong. I get terrified when I feel a bit of discomfort, which has made me very short-tempered towards my family and loved ones.

I had difficulties sleeping, eating, and even moving for quite some time. My daughter advised me to seek medical attention so everyone would feel at ease during my recovery period. However, I always wake up too tired to move, and the thought of visiting busy hospitals and sitting in waiting rooms seemed nightmarish to me.

On this occasion, my daughter brought up Novomed’s telemedicine services that were available to everyone online. The center has a great reputation in the UAE for its comprehensive and excellent care, so I agreed to try it out. That turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made in my life!

Registering and booking appointments through the Novomed telemedicine platform was very easy, even for someone who is not well oriented with technology like myself.

The first online appointment with the specialist cardiologist went exceptionally well. She provided me with lots of ways I can care for myself at home to have a speedy and successful recovery. The doctor told me to consider using a preload pillbox or setting the alarm on my smartphone to keep track of my medication doses.

The cardiologist also suggested that I check my blood pressure and cholesterol levels regularly to avoid any complications.
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In addition, she recommended I join a cardiac rehab program if I wish to receive more support. In terms of physical

activity, the doctor advised me to take a stress test and determine what level of exercise is safe for my case.

Overall, I’m honestly satisfied with the online appointment and Novomed’s telemedicine services. The medical staff obtained copies of my medical history and uploaded them on the portal so that they’re available for my doctor to review at any time. Having a healthcare practitioner to support me at any given time or place put me at ease and made my recovery journey much more comfortable.


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