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Natural language processing is an AI subfield in pursuit to fill the gap between human communication and computer understanding. NLP makes nlp in ai possible for computers to read text, hear speech, interpret nlp in ai, and respond. NLP is immensely important in the IT industry and provides incredible value, especially in the digital communication world. nlp in ai is permeated different aspects of our technological life including emails, social media, chats, messaging, and more. We’ve been reliant on NLP without being consciously knowing it.

Why is Natural Language Processing Important?

Perform large-scale analysis. NLP helps machines automatically understand and analyze huge amounts of unstructured text data. The data sources can include social media comments, customer support tickets, online reviews, feedback forms, news reports, and more.

Automate processes in real-time. Natural language processing tools can help machines learn to sort and route information with little to no human interaction – quickly, efficiently, accurately, and around the clock.

Tailor NLP tools to your industry. Natural language processing algorithms can be tailored to organizational needs and criteria. This includes but is not limited to complex, industry-specific language, jargon, and even sarcasm, and misused words.

natural language processing in ai
Natural language processing

Real-world NLP Applications

Natural language processing is embedded into our daily lives without most people realizing it. Here are some of the most popular applications of NLP technology.

Text Prediction

You may have seen predictive text pop up while creating a text message or when drafting an email. Text prediction is also in action for most search engines, attempting to determine what one is looking for before you are even finished typing the word you are searching for. NLP is the power behind each of these instances of text prediction, which also learns by your examples to perfect its capabilities the more you use it.

Grammar Check

One of the most widely recognized uses of natural language processing is grammar checking. Grammar checkers detect and correct grammatical errors in the input text. They help in language learning, text authoring, and other scenarios.

Autocorrect & Spell Check

This NLP function checks and auto changes spelling so you won’t be able to send typographic messages either by email, chat, or text message. NLP can also auto-correct your misspelled words in programs such as Microsoft Word. Similarly, it can assist you in attaining perfect grammar both in Word and using additional tools such as Grammarly and ProWritingAid.


Most businesses now utilize chatbots to handle 24hour customer service support, immediate responses on social media, and provide general assistance. We rely on NLP to train chatbots to behave in a certain way. Efficient chatbots interact and converse with people the way a human being would.

Machine Translations

NLP became popular because of this specific reason and is one of the most important and useful applications. Through Machine translation programs such as google translate, anyone can translate from one language to another including the ability to auto-detect the type of language used.

natural language processing in ai

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis can analyze patterns of speech and conversation to help filter negative conversations on social media, analyze consumer feedback on a brand’s marketing campaign, and even help businesses determine public sentiment about their company’s image.

Question Answering

Market Intelligence
Marketers can use NLP to sift through unstructured data for patterns that help identify trends that they can use to their advantage, including keywords and competitor interactions. Using this information, marketers can help companies refine their marketing approach and make a bigger impact.

Text to speech & Speech Text Conversion

Transforming voice commands into written text, and vice versa. The same technology allows you to issue voice commands to Seri or Alexa. Create transcription documents through voice command without lifting a finger.


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