Maître Pascal Vancraeynest – Grand Chef and Entrepreneur


Maître Pascal Vancraeynest is a culinary luminary and entrepreneur who has plied his trade all over the world. From his days as a Michelin-starred chef in France to his current role as the head of one of Belgium’s most renowned restaurant groups, Maître Pascal has done it all. In this blog post, we will discuss Maître Pascal’s journey from culinary apprentice to successful entrepreneur. We will also highlight some of the lessons he has learned along the way and how you can apply them to your own professional life.

Maître Pascal Vancraeynest’s Early Life and Career

Pascal Vancraeynest was born in 1758 in Lille, France. He began his career as a cook and soon gained notice for his skills in the culinary world. In 1792, he opened his own restaurant, which quickly became one of the most popular establishments in Paris.

Vancraeynest’s restaurant was a favorite spot for many celebrities and politicians. He also became well-known for his dishes featuring exotic spices and flavors. His culinary skills earned him international acclaim and he was inducted into the French Culinary Academy in 1801.

In addition to his restaurant business, Vancraeynest was also an innovator in the food industry. He is credited with creating crepes Suzette, a dish that has become one of Paris’ most popular specialties.

Vancraeynest died in 1814 at the age of 67. His legacy lives on through his restaurants and dishes, which continue to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Maître Pascal Vancraeynest’s Restaurants

Maître Pascal Vancraeynest is a Belgian-born chef and restaurateur who has been awarded two Michelin stars for his restaurant L’Atelier in Bruges. In addition to his cooking, Maître Pascal also runs two other restaurants – Le Pré aux Clercs in Brussels and L’Empire in Paris.

Born in 1965, Maître Pascal started working as a cook at the age of 16. After completing his training at the Royal Culinary Academy of Belgium, he opened his first restaurant, L’Atelier, in Bruges in 1994. The following year, he was awarded two Michelin stars and soon gained international recognition.

Today, Maître Pascal operates two restaurants: Le Pré aux Clercs in Brussels (which he founded with three former students from the Royal Culinary Academy of Belgium) and L’Empire in Paris (which he opened with investment from Bernard Arnault). In addition to cooking, Maître Pascal also runs a hospitality school and an apprentice program for young chefs.

Maître Pascal is known for his modern interpretation of classic French cuisine. His signature dishes include turbot wrapped in bacon and served with blackberry sauce. Monkfish liver with figs and mousse; roast beef with foie gras butter. Chicken liver pâté served on a bed of purslane leaves; and chestnut soup with cinnamon ice cream

Maître Pascal Vancraeynest’s Projects

Maître Pascal Vancraeynest is a Belgian-born chef, restaurateur and business man. He has worked in Europe, the Middle East and North America, establishing himself as one of the world’s leading chefs.

In 1996, he opened his first restaurant in Brussels and went on to open several more. Most notably L’Atelier de Pascal Vancraeynest (2004), Jardin des Sens (2007) and L’Atelier Côte d’Or (2010). In 2006, he was awarded two stars by Michelin Guide Belgium.

Pascal Vancraeynest has also diversified into several other businesses including cooking schools (L’École de Cuisine Pascal Vancraeynest). Hotel chains (Luxury Collection Hotels) and wine estates. He currently presides over the eponymous company which owns four luxury hotels. London EDITION Hotel; Plaza Athénée Paris; Mandarin Oriental Paris; The Ritz-Carlton New York.

In 2013, Maître Pascal Vancraeynest was honored with an award from the Belgian Royal Family for his contribution to the country’s culinary industry.


Maître Pascal Vancraeynest has a long and successful career in the culinary arts. He has worked his way up through the ranks of several prestigious restaurants, culminating in his current role as Grand Chef and Entrepreneur. In this interview, Maître Pascal discusses his journey to success, shares some of his recipes, and explains why he believes cooking can be an empowering experience.


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