List Of Cricket Tournaments in India


The competitions in India comprise the Ranji Trophy The Duleep Trophy, the Vijay Hazare Trophy and the Deodhar Trophy, the Irani Trophy and the NKP Salve Challenger Trophy.
High-quality competitions

Ranji Trophy was established as the ‘Cricket Tournaments of India‘ during an assembly with the Board of Control for Cricket in India in July 1934. Its first Ranji Trophy matches took place during the season 1934-1935. Syed Mohammed Hadi of Hyderabad was the first player to hit a century during the tournament. The Trophy was given by H.H. Sir Bhupendra Singh Mahinder Bahadur, Maharajah , of Patiala in honor of His Late Highness Sir Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji, Maharajah of Nawanagar known by the name of Ranjitsinhji. The Ranji Trophy is made up of teams representing states that comprise India. The number of teams participating has increased over time. Certain states are home to more than one team e.g. Maharashtra and Gujarat. There are also teams from Railways and Services representing the Armed Forces. The teams were grouped into zones which were North, West, East, Central and South – and the first games were played in leagues within the zones. The top two teams (until 1991-1992) and then the top three teams (subsequent years) from each zone participated in a knock-out national competition. Beginning with the 2002-03 season the zonal system was eliminated and a division structure was adopted, with two teams elevated from the league plate, and two teams being relegated to the top league. If knockout games do not end, they are determined by the lead in the first inning.

Duleep Trophy Duleep Trophy named after Duleepsinhji it is the Duleep Trophy competition is a first-class cricket competition, was launched with the Board of Control for Cricket in India in 1961-62 , with the intention of giving players a more advantage in the domestic game. Apart from the knock-out phases that are part of Ranji Trophy, this competition proved to be very predictable as Bombay winning it the Ranji trophy for 15 consecutive years. In addition, the Duleep Trophy was also meant to assist the selectors in assess the performance of top cricketers who played each one. The original format included five teams, made up of five areas (i.e. North, South, East, West and central) which played one another in a knock-out format. Since 1993-94 the tournament was transformed into league format.

Irani Trophy – The Trophy event was originally planned in the 1959-60 season to commemorate the end of in the Ranji Trophy championship. It was named in honour of late Z.R. Irani who was affiliated to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) since the time it was established in 1928 until his passing in 1970. He was a fervent supporter of the sport. The first match against players from the Ranji Cup champions, and Rest of India was played in 1959-60. In the beginning the match was played at the season’s end. In recognition of the importance of the game and the significance of the fixture, BCCI decided to move it. BCCI relocated it towards the start in the year. Since 1965-66, the fixture is a tradition to mark the beginning of the new season in the country. It is a game that has been played since 1965. Irani Trophy game ranks high in both popularity and significance. It is among the few matches that are watched by avid people who love cricket in India. Top players are involved in the sport that is often an attempt at a selection test to choose which Indian team for overseas tours.

Competitions with limited overs
Deodhar Trophy – It was established in 1973-74 by the Board of Control for Cricket in India it is a one-day competition within Indian cricket in the domestic arena. It was previously played by five zonal teams namely North zone South zone East zone West zone, and Central zone. From 2015-16 through the 2017-18 season, it was played by winners of Vijay Hazare Trophy, India A and India B. Since the start of 2018-19, it has been contested by India A and India B as well as India C.

NKP Salve Challenger Trophy It was first introduced in the Challenger series of the Board of Control for Cricket in India in 1994-95. It was later renamed as NKP Salve Challenger Trophy in 1998-99. The tournament was played with three teams: India senior, India A and India B competing in round robin form. They later changed their names to India Blue, India Red and India Green respectively. The tournament was contested by the best 36 players from all over India. The last time it was played was 2013-14.

Vijay Hazare Trophy The name is a tribute to the legendary Indian cricketer Vijay Hazare, the Trophy was established in 2002-03 as an attempt to introduce the game of limited-overs to more people. The tournament involves teams from the state (and different) teams of the Ranji trophy fighting in 50-over formats. Since its beginning, Tamil Nadu and Mumbai have been the winners the most often (5). It is also known as”the” Premier Cup by BCCI.

BCCI Corporate Trophy The BCCI Corporate Trophy BCCI have put together an inter-corporate event for 12 teams in 2009, which involves the top Indian cricketers. The tournament consists of 50-over-a-side games where the winner receives Rs 1 crore , and the runner-up receiving fifty lakh rupees.

2020 contests
Indian Premier League In response to the competition ICL In response to the rival ICL, the BCCI launched the Twenty20 competition , dubbed IPL. Indian Premier League (IPL) that is believed to be the idea by Lalit Modi. The League was established by the BCCI in 2007-08 and gained an overwhelming amount of attention from across the world. The players were picked through auctions, and then recruited into the franchises with a city-based base. The inaugural IPL season ran from April 18 to 1 June 2008 when the the underdogs Rajasthan Royals, led by Shane Warne, won the first trophy in the DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai. The tournament is based on regional loyalty The eight-team tournament has an innovative and well-loved player auction and team system picking the top international players and combining players with Indian players from both international and domestic together in one venue. The total prize money awarded to this year’s IPL totaled three million. The IPL is one of the most popular cricket Tournaments around the globe and is as the sixth most popular sports league. The IPL tournament is comprised of eight franchises based in cities.

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy To take place for the very first time during the season 2008-09, this is the first regional T20 championship, in the world. It is also the third championship overall tournament in the Indian cricket season. It will be played with Ranji teams split along zones into two groups, with the tournament culminating in an All India T20 final between the winners of both groups to compete for the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. The tournament was established following its success in the IPL and the necessity of the BCCI to find more talent in the booming areas of cricket.

Inter-State T20 Championship after India was added to the ICC Twenty20 and played its first international T20 against South Africa, the BCCI created its own state structure in the 2006-07, which included 27 Ranji teams split into 5 zones. The final match was by Punjab along with Tamil Nadu, which the winner was defeated by two wickets and two balls left and became the only winner in this series. In this match, Rohit Sharma also became the first Indian to score an T20 century in Mumbai to beat Gujarat. The tournament was later replaced with an IPL based on franchises. IPL.

In Twenty20 there was a greater participation of the crowd was evident as opposed to other versions that the sport plays. The game has been praised by the public and has generated massive profit.

Young competitions
Vinoo Mankad Trophy A trophy-based tournament for children under 19 to commemorate the legendary cricketer Vinoo Mankad.

Yagnik Trophy The tournament is for inter-college, for students at the university level named after Yagnik, Dr. Yagnik, Gandhian and famous persona in Saurashtra.

Coochbehar Cup-An inter-state U-19 four-day tournament.

International competitions for women
Senior women’s one-day league, which was introduced in 2006-07, this is the women’s List-A cricket event. Railways women have been the most successful group, winning 10 of 11 tournaments. The tournament was played in a round-robin form at zonal level, and the most efficient team was then in the super league. The format changed in 2013-14 season, and since the league is now divided into two levels, with states divided into five groups: 2 in elite group , and three in the plate group. Finalists from the plate group at the conclusion of the season, are elevated to the Elite group, while the two teams that are not the teams that perform the best in elite group are sent to plate group.

Inter State Women’s Twenty20 Competition is a female-only Twenty20 tournament. It is played among the full participants of BCCI. The first tournament was played in 2008-09 during the season. Since then, it has been held every year, with 2015-16 being the eighth edition.


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