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Important Benefits: Canadian Citizenship


There are several compelling reasons to move from permanent resident to Canadian citizen. Beyond the security and dignity that come with Canadian Citizenship, there are other benefits that permanent residents do not enjoy.

Here are some advantages of getting a canadian citizenship.

There is no need to renew your status.

The majority of PR cards are only good for five years. In that period, Canadian Citizenship is feasible to fulfill the citizenship residence criterion. Before applying, permanent residents must have been physically present in Canada for 1,095 days during the previous five years.

After attaining citizenship, there is no need to renew your status. Citizenship certificates are perpetually valid.

More job possibilities

Permanent residents are not eligible to apply for employment that is open to Canadian citizens. Certain government positions and those requiring security clearances are restricted to Canadian residents.

Enhanced protection against status loss

Permanent residents may be deported regardless of how long they have resided in Canada.

Citizenship status may only be removed in a limited number of situations. According to Canadian law, citizenship may be revoked if it was gained via deception, fraud, or the deliberate concealment of significant facts. Other grounds for revoking citizenship include security concerns, abuses of human or international rights, and organized crime.

The privilege to vote

All Canadian citizens are eligible to vote. They may also run for office and represent people on critical Canadian topics.

Canadian passport

Citizens may get a Canadian passport. Numerous nations provide Canadian passport holders visa-free entry for certain reasons.

Canada accepts dual citizenship as well. If your nation of origin permits dual canadian citizenship visa, you may be allowed to possess two passports. If your nation prohibits dual citizenship, you may desire to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of selecting one passport over the other.

Free education for youngsters

Permanent residents’ children (up to the age of eighteen) get a free education through grade 12 from the Canadian government.

There are three stages of education in Canada: basic, secondary, and higher education.

In addition, permanent residents pay much less for university education due to decreased tuition costs.

Comprehensive healthcare

The Canadian government and authorities provide universal healthcare to immigrants seeking to immigrate to Canada.

Every Canadian permanent resident visa holder receives free medical care, which also includes coverage for all tax-funded prescription medicines.

As a permanent resident of Canada, you may also apply for public health insurance.

Social benefits

If they have accumulated 40 credit points, immigrants in the Canada are also eligible for several social security benefits. This equates to ten years of labor or forty quarters.

Residents of Canada have access to high-paying occupations and tax refunds that allow them to the live a great life.

Other social benefits include compensation for retirement, disability, and survivor benefits for dead employees.
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When permanent residents become Canadian citizens, both they and the nation as a whole gain. It offers immigrants the right to vote, allowing them to have political power, and studies indicate that it may also increase their economic chances.


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