How to Write a Strong Dissertation Introduction? Avoid 3 Common Mistakes!


A dissertation is one such academic task that every student has to do once in their university life. It is a lengthy process that requires a long write-up, research, expert knowledge, and much more. Every aspect and section of writing a dissertation is imbibed with inside jobs to finish for example dissertation proofreading, rechecking, formulation, re-drafting, etc. Considering the struggle of university life and curriculum, students find writing very hectic and seek from online help from experts.

Which section of dissertation writing is the most difficult? Probably the introduction, research, or every part. One thing is sure: these chief problems will be solved after reading this article, the trouble of composing the perfect introduction for your dissertation.

The first thing the professor will notice about your academic work is the introduction. That is why it needs to be engaging and relevant to your topic. Understanding the best way of forming an intro for your task, with some of the myths you have followed for a decade, will help you see the evolution in many aspects of writing.

If you wish to impress everyone with the quality of your intro, then follow the below pointer:

Topic and Context

The beginning of the introduction should inform about the content. It should start by explaining the topic of the dissertation, and making the background clear by providing optimum information about your theme. Next, specify your audience, and make them feel inclusive.

Engaging and Clear

Consider the introduction as one force that will decide the attractiveness of your dissertation. Include theoretical information to make it more compelling, and specify the relevant articles for analysis. Give a brief overview of your general area of interest to narrow down its focus.

Purpose and Research

Clarify the purpose of your dissertation and do adequate research in the right direction from the correct sources. Ask questions in the introduction and ensure to answer them in the dissertation. Mention how and why your dissertation will attract readers.


Here are some mistakes students have been making while writing their dissertation introductions that have to be changed:

Some don’ts of composing an introduction:

Don’t Begin Your Writing with Introduction

This is a blunder committed by not only students but several other writers too. The introduction is the gist of the entire dissertation, and to do justice to it, write it after you’re clear about its body and conclusion. Once you are aware of the things, you mention in the dissertation, composing it makes more sense. 

Keep Your Introduction Sweet But Not Too Short

Writing a dissertation is not like preparing some other paper. It includes hundreds of pages of intensive research, conclusions, questions, results, etc. A dissertation introduction can range from 1,000 to 10,000 words or even more. In its intro, you have to mention the information readers can relate to when it appears in the body. Make it as long as needed to explain your purpose thoroughly.

Be Very Specific When Telling a Story

While writing a dissertation, there are many facts to be clarified, which makes it more inclined toward real-life situations. To make your results relevant and justify them, place them in a real scenario. During this time, make sure to connect your conclusion with stories. Be very specific while choosing a scenario for yourself. Make sure you are fully aware of all its drawbacks.

Once you have followed the above necessary factors while crafting an introduction for your dissertation, you will get amazing grades. The introduction is a key element that will decide if your hard work will pay off. In case of any doubt, you can always reach out for online dissertation help, which is very commonly requested by students these days.


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