How to wear a hairband with short hair


Girls with short hair have fewer hairstyle hairband Let me share with you a few ways to wear hair bands for girls with short hair.


First of all, in the choice of hairbands, you should choose a simple and elegant hairband The soft hair band can be wrapped around the head, and the ribbon is tightly wrapped around the back of the head, and then wrapped around the top of the head to tie a knot, and the position is higher so that it does not touch the forehead Girls with cool short hair can choose a sports headband. When wearing it, don’t press all the hair inside, but press a little hair on the headband. The hair band with some small embellishments is also very good-looking, this kind of bob and braids can be worn by girls You can also use the silk scarf as a hair band, because it is softer, you can clip it into the hair and braid it together, and the length of the hair should be at least the neck.

The selection and use of hair bands Skillfully use hair bands to create fashionable people

Introduction: Hair Bands are one of the most popular decorations today. No matter what texture of hairband, it can create different aesthetics and show its unique charm. Many MMs like to use a hair band to tie their hair, because it not only looks fresh and clean, but also very convenient to use. So how should the hair band be chosen, and what are the ways to tie the hair band? You can also view at matalan discount code NHS

The selection and use of hair bands

If you are a fashion-conscious trendy person, it is not difficult to find that in many catwalk shows and premieres, designers and stars have chosen a very dynamic decoration – hair band. Whether it’s romantic straight hair, elegant curls or a noble updo, a small headband can create a refreshing effect and make a simple hairstyle more fashionable. Let’s take a look at the selection and use of hair bands together.

1. Face matching type

Oval face: Oval face can be said to be a very beautiful face shape, so you can choose thin hairpins and hair ropes, and coil up your long hair, which can make your chin to neck lines very beautiful.

Long face: MM with a long face can choose a hair band with the pattern next to it, and wear the hair band close to the forehead, which can shorten the face shape.

Round face: MM with a round face can choose a hair band with a floral pattern, but do not choose a thicker hair band. When wearing, you can first brush the hair on the top of the head to make the whole shape look more fluffy, and then wear the hair band back a little, which can effectively elongate the face shape.

Flat/pointy head type: MM with this type of face is suitable for choosing a hair band with no pattern or pattern directly above the top of the head, a square face is suitable for choosing a geometric pattern, and it is better to choose a thinner style when choosing a hair band.

The selection and use of hair bands

2. Color matching

Usually, the choice of hairband and clothing should be matched. For example, if your clothing is more colorful, then don’t choose another color for the hairband. And if your clothing color is relatively single, you can choose some colors or headbands with jumping colors.

Of course, if you want to be more enthusiastic, you can also use a contrasting color, such as a navy blue dress with a bright red headband. If you want to be more quiet and elegant, then the headband should be the same color as the clothing, such as goose yellow clothing with a brown hairband. You can also check at pretty little things discount code NHS

The selection and use of hair bands

3. Hair style

Girls with short hair can choose a hair band with small crystals or bright diamonds, while girls with long hair can choose a hair band with streamlined decoration, so that it looks more able to highlight their temperament.

MM with less hair can choose a thin and narrow hair band, which can make you delicate and sweet. If you have a lot of hair, you should try to wear the hair band behind the bangs, which can visually reduce the heaviness of the hair.

The selection and use of hair bands

4. How to use:

Straight or curly hair: Choose a stiffer fabric and tie the headband over the hairline for a stylish and individual look.

Coiled hair: Use a multi-strand hair band composed of thin hair bands to create a coiled hair, which looks very layered. This kind of hair band is more suitable for girls with wide foreheads. Or put on a crystal diamond headband directly before the hair, which can increase the elegance of the whole person.

Princess head: You can also create a princess head with a hair band. Of course, it is best to choose a plaid hair band, which can make yourself look sweeter.

In addition, if your hair is relatively thin, you can also choose a wide hair belt to help you cover the thin hairline and make your hairstyle look more perfect.

How to easily tie a hair tie

 A beautiful headband can modify the shape of a person’s head. Hairbands of different colors give different impressions. A simple headband, worn on the head, feels very nice and more attractive. When you are in the shower and want to quickly cover the bangs on the forehead, it is best to tie a hair band to look better. Let’s learn how to easily tie a hair tie with this article. Buyers also visit at newlook discount code NHS


  1. Leave a part of the hair on both sides of the forehead and ears, and leave it out equally, and then put on a hair band. A small amount of hair on both sides is fine, as long as it can cover the edges of the ears.
  2. Take a small amount of hair at the back and tie it into a small ponytail with a small black invisible rubber band, so that most of the hair is draped down and fixed in the middle of the hair band, so it is not easy to fall. When you want to do sports, you are most worried about whether the hair band will fall off. As long as you stick to the hair band, according to this method, the hair band will be very firm.
  3.  If you want to tie a ball head, you also need to wear a beautiful and simple hairband. For those with a wider face, you should wear a thinner hairband. If you have an awl face with a small face, it is best to wear a wider hairband. Oh nice.
  4. In the shower, when you like to let your hair down, just tie all the hair on your forehead with a hair tie, and then twist it into a simple bow, it will be very beautiful and look younger.
  5.  It is generally better to choose a silk waterproof effect when choosing a hair band. It can be worn in the shower and usually when it rains, and it is also very convenient to wear on the head. In order to make yourself taller, the way to tie the hairband, you can also make a ball head first, and then tie the hair band around the ball head.


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