How to Teach Problem-Solving Skills to Children?


You might think your primary school kid has no significant problems to solve. This lack of awareness would delay teaching problem-solving skills to your child, which might affect his future. Understand that the right time to infuse essential life skills into your child is during the early school years. You can conveniently mould young kids into a habit, and if you start early, you will never have to struggle as they grow up. Even the best school in Ahmedabad begins working on infusing the skills in children at an early stage. 

Children also have multiple problems, from solving a significant mathematics problem to recalling where they have kept their belongings. Hence, they can use their problem-solving skills to find the solution to their troubles and leave their frustrations at the door. As a parent, the first and foremost thing you should do is find the best option during the CBSE school admission. Find the best school that complies with your vision and helps infuse problem-solving skills in children. Other than this, you can do a few other things to develop this skill in your child. Let us dig deeper and discuss them in detail. 

Tips to teach problem-solving skills to children

Teach them the Process

You can start by introducing your child to the entire problem-solving scenario. They need to know where to begin and how to differentiate the rights and wrongs to reach a decision. Have an open conversation with your child. Tell them that the first step after encountering a problem is to find its root cause, create a list of probable solutions in their head and keep narrowing the answers till they find a perfect solution. Once they know this, it will save a lot of their time. Moreover, their decision will also be effective. 

Model Correct Behaviour

Children, especially young kids, pick up the behaviour that they see. So, if they see you making the right decisions and keeping your calm, they are more likely to pick up this habit from you! Hence, it is vital that every parent model the correct behaviour in front of their kids. Do not panic if you ever get caught in a situation, and do what you are trying to teach your child. Analyse the rights and wrongs and find the best solution. 

Never Give a Solution

If you want your child to excel at problem-solving, avoid giving them a solution. They might come to you for help when they cannot figure things out themselves. The right thing for you to do is guide them with the correct thing to do but never give a straight-up solution. Instead, show them a direction but let them find their own destination. If you keep putting ideas into their mind, they will never get skilled enough to handle things individually.

Creative Activities

There are plethoras of fun activities that indirectly refine the problem-solving skills in children. During the CBSE school admission, you can ask the people concerned about what exercises they plan to ensure every child learns problem-solving skills. Moreover, you can conduct some activities at home to support your efforts and get desired results. 

Story Telling

Pre-primary kids or younger ones can be taught the skill through storytelling. Tell them stories about having scenarios where somebody has to make the right decisions at the right time. Through stories, their imaginations will improve, and they can use them as references the next time they find themselves in a problem.

These strategies work whenever you want to teach problem-solving skills to your child. Use them to create a plan of action and curate a routine that helps infuse problem-solving skills in them. Once they develop these skills, they will stay with them and help them throughout their life.


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