How to Hide the Instagram Post Like Count?


Social media is criticized for encouraging an obsession with participation. Take a look at Instagram, for instance, to see how many likes each post has received and get now next to the image.

You may hide likes on Instagram, allowing you and your followers to concentrate more on the content and less on how many people are liking it.

There are a few methods for concealing likes on Instagram. When creating a post or later, get now you have the option to conceal likes from view, and you may also do the same when exploring other accounts.

Why does Instagram allow users to hide likes?

You might be puzzled about why it is even possible to hide likes.

Simply expressed, it’s for our own benefit.

The business began concealing like totals for specific nations to explore if this might “depressurize people’s experience” get now on Instagram, according to a statement.

According to research, especially in our teens, we associate our level of online success—followers, comments, and like counts—with our sense of value.

A survey of 513 Brazilian teenage females in 2020 revealed that 78% of them had attempted to cover up or alter a feature they didn’t like before publishing a picture.

Do Instagram likes and comments even still matter?

The like count on posts can now be hidden or revealed for all users on Instagram.

That indicates that a few users are listed together with the phrase “and others” rather than the standard numerical value that is often displayed beneath a photo.

On Instagram, hiding your like count is simple, reversible, and in some circumstances, it might improve how you use the platform. This is the procedure.

How to hide the Instagram post like count:

The social media platforms have been experimenting with masking like numbers on Instagram and Facebook for years, but they are finally prepared to make the function available to everyone.

Every Instagram and Facebook user will be able to keep their like counts private, the firm revealed today.

Instagram will get the feature first, with Facebook getting a comparable feature in the upcoming weeks.

You have the option on Instagram to either hide likes for specific posts or for all posts, including both your own and those of the users you follow.

You may hide the number of likes on a certain post by tapping the three-dot menu icon next to the image and choosing the new ‘hide like count’ option from the menu. As simple as pie.

You can locate the option under the “advanced options” box that appears on the last page before you share a post if you want to hide likes before a particular post.

Last but not least, you may locate the option by visiting the new ‘Posts’ area of settings if you wish to stop seeing likes on any posts in your feed.

If you wish to enable the function immediately, you might also receive a prompt when you access Instagram soon.

How to find out who liked your Instagram posts even if they were hidden?

The in-app analytics feature of Instagram provides a summary of your account’s metrics, including data on the number of accounts you’ve connected with etc.

You must have a Business or Creator profile to view Instagram insights (which is free and easy to switch to: 

  • Go to your Settings, hit Account and then hit Switch account type).
  • Go to your Instagram profile from your Creator or Business profile
  • Click the Insights option next to your bio. Next, scroll down to the Content You Shared area to see how many posts you’ve made in the previous week.
  • On the right, click the > arrow icon.

(You can still click the button if you haven’t posted in the last 7 days.)

Instagram thinks that when users can’t see how many people have liked their posts, it would encourage more imaginative thinking.

The theory is that when users’ attention is diverted from the number of likes, they would pay more attention to the quality of the content, rather than what works and what doesn’t base only on the number of likes.

Significance of hiding Likes:

The performance of the post is still determined by the concealed likes, which has an impact on cooperation between influencers and brands.

Important data that prove how a profile works in cooperation are harder to gather or calculate for brands that use influencer marketing.

So how can you, as a marketer, make sure that the data you’re using to inform your influencer marketing plan is reliable?

Utilizing a platform with access to hidden analytics, such as likes and viewership data, is one strategy that will be crucial.

You might be puzzled as to why it is even possible to hide likes. Simply expressed, it’s for our own benefit.

The business began concealing like totals for specific nations to explore if this might “depressurize people’s experience” on Instagram, according to a statement.


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