How to choose the right SEO agency?


To choose the right SEO agency

Here are some questions to ask you:

Is the agency trustworthy?

Analyze its e-reputation, get a first glimpse of the agency by telephone contact, is the agency even visible on Google, does it create textual content, does it provide you with credible references?

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Which budget to choose?

There is no agency that offers an identical price for this type of service because it all depends on the area of ​​intervention of the agency, your market, the competition and your objectives.

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Where to start?

To begin, you must establish a technical audit of your site to first see if it is well optimized in relation to Google’s SEO standards in order to offer you the appropriate services.

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What is my need?

Each company does not have the same need in terms of objectives and visibility because everything is oriented by the searches or “queries” made by Internet users to find the answer to their needs and therefore YOU!

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What are my goals?

After defining your need, you have to see in the long term what you are aiming for in terms of results: competitive positioning, speed of implementation, prospecting thanks to your business keywords…

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Fast and guaranteed results?

Depending on the targets you have chosen, your positioning will progress steadily and the first results will appear after a few months, but are they guaranteed? .

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How do I know if the agency is trustworthy?

There are several ways to find out if the SEO agency you want to consult is serious and effective:

You must first analyze your e-reputation, that is to say your reputation on the web through different social media: social networks, forums, and blogs. You will know what Internet users are saying about the agency and whether the customers (real ones, whom you can contact) who have used their services are satisfied or dissatisfied.

The first glimpse of the agency by telephone contact, this will allow you to give you a direct impression of how they approach you. Be careful of the talkers who prospect by phone, a real specialist will try to understand exactly what you want before offering you anything.

The agency will be able to describe its strategy and the methods it uses to generate results (without technical jargon).

Is the agency even visible?

Try to see if the agency is well ranked naturally ( and not thanks to Adwords…) on requests such as “internet referencing agency, natural referencing agency,” which would be the minimum, or related to this activity such as “internet positioning, referencing solutions” or even questions on this subject “being visible on Google, choose a Seo Services in Islamabad.”. Above all, it is proof of his credibility.
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It is necessary to verify that the agency creates content because it is essential for SEO. Google is an information sorter.

If the agency has evidence on its site such as a summary of client results, this will confirm their expertise.

A good SEO agency will take care of regularly communicating to you the follow-up of your referencing, whether it is its evolution or its degradation to see with you other possible solutions.

To avoid surprises after a few months, confirm their skills and commit, some quality agencies do not hesitate to guarantee results, which is professional.

There are not only SEO solutions to generate traffic; the agency will imply that there are other possible channels to use if the company wishes to further improve its traffic.


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