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How To Buy The Right Baby Stroller For Your Little One


When your little one comes into the world, there are a number of things parents need to buy for their newborn. One such thing is a baby stroller. It is among the most important things in your parenting arsenal, so it’s important to get your choice right. Bambi Baby is the right place for a Baby stroller and baby care accessories. We offer the best deal for baby care products. Use our exclusive store Bambi Baby Coupon Code to save money on your purchase.

In a nutshell, the best baby stroller will be one that:

  • has a comfortable seat that fits your child safely
  • has the adjustable height & weight to push and lift
  • Includes all the safety features.

Types Of Baby Strollers Available 

 Here are the common types of stroller terms you might come across.

Layback stroller: The little one can sit up or lie down to sleep. This type of baby stroller is ideal for newborns.

Jogger stroller: Three-wheeled strollers are often referred to as jogger strollers or have ‘jogger’ in their name; however, not all are suitable for jogging and running. If you want to jog with your stroller, consider buying a genuine jogging stroller. These strollers usually have large, fixed wheels that roll easily for fast movement.

Double stroller: This type of stroller allows you to carry two or three babies, making transporting multiple kids a breeze.

Convertible bike stroller: It is a combination of a tricycle and a stroller.

Features To Look For While Buying Baby Strollers

Now check out the things you need to consider while buying a stroller for your precious little one! 

How To Buy The Right Baby Stroller For Your Little One

Newborn or infant-friendly stroller

Many baby strollers are suitable for newborns and can be used until the child weighs around 15–20kgs. Some strollers come with bassinet attachments which are then converted into seats as your baby grows. Others may have a reclining seat that can lay flat to carry your newborn and then be adjusted over time. You may need a car seat or optional bassinet attached to make the stroller infant-friendly.


Swivelling front wheels are easier to manoeuvre; however, the stroller needs to have a wheel locking system so that it doesn’t let the stroller roll away when standing still. Large wheels are better on bumps and stairs. Inflatable wheels can puncture but usually, give a more comfortable ride. Before purchasing, check out the wheels to see that they don’t come off.

Stroller Size

Try folding and unfolding the stroller to see if you can carry it comfortably. It has to be either the size of your storage space or maybe less. Measure the stroller for baby to make sure it fits into your car trunk or closet. If you have a newborn, make sure the stroller you buy is suitable for them size-wise.


Test the stroller’s brakes. It’s another key element for baby safety. The brakes must be easy to apply, and they must provide a secure stop. Test brakes once or twice and make sure you don’t face any issues while applying brakes.


The baby needs to be buckled up with seat belts or straps so as to avoid any slipping or falling. Give them a tug to see they’re secure and the stroller seat doesn’t come away from the frame.

Five-point harness

Two shoulder straps, preferably attached to the backrest at shoulder level – padded ones are softer, a waist belt and a crotch belt, with adjustable length as your baby grows. The straps should be easy to adjust, and the buckles easy to use.

Reversible handle

It’s good to have the option of choosing which way your baby faces in the stroller. The brakes may only be on one set of wheels, making it difficult to put them on if you’re at the wrong end. Check how easy it is to reverse the handle.

Adjustable backrest

Some baby strollers have an upright backrest that can move to at least one semi-reclined position, while some can be fully reclined. A three-position adjustment makes the stroller more comfortable and versatile.

Folding mechanism

A stroller must be simple to fold and unfold with mechanisms that are inaccessible to a baby. At the same time, the unlock mechanism can’t be too easy to operate. You don’t want it to fold with your baby still inside. 


You surely don’t want the sun or rain to harm your little munchkin. Most baby strollers come with a built-in SPF protection canopy to prevent your baby from harmful sun rays and bad weather. So if you will be taking your baby for a ride in the sunlight, look for this feature. 

Conclusion: Which baby stroller is right for you?

First, you need to consider where the ride needs to be done. If the road is rough, plastic wheels are not a good option. Get a stroller that is durable and provides your baby with a smooth ride even on rough roads. Secondly, do you need a spacious stroller or a compact one? Pay attention to the details and select an appropriate size and weight. Most importantly, check out the safety details before making any purchase decision.

When you are aware of these key tips to find the best baby stroller, it’s time to go out shopping and find a perfect baby stroller for your cute baby!


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