How Taylor Swift Built A Lucrative Musical Career?


Grammy-winning, world-record-breaking musician Taylor Swift is always surpassing herself. Swift’s success is astounding. Its success is associated with over 50 million albums sold and over 23 billion YouTube views. Here are the five things that her successful music career taught us:

Go For Your Passion

In Pennsylvania, as a young child, Taylor Swift first developed an interest in music. She participated in fairs, plays, and competitions in her community. As her love for music grew by the time she was 14, her family decided to relocate to Nashville. They moved so she could pursue a career in music. Swift joined the record company that created her first six albums two years later. Luckily, those albums went on to sell over 45 million copies worldwide.

From this point, you can learn that taking significant risks to follow your passion may feel perilous at the time. However, they can pay off greatly if you keep your eyes on the outcome.

Be Genuine In What You Are Producing

Swift’s music is very appealing because of her openness and authenticity in the lyrics. Swift writes all her songs and uses her music to express her personal experiences. She sings about feelings that are authentic to her while still being understandable to her listeners. She can emotionally connect with her readers and maintain their interest in her novels by writing about her family, relationships, and family disputes. Hence, the ingenuity of her music makes her successful in her music career.

Therefore, being authentic when creating material is powerful. Being genuine makes your material stand out and enables people to connect with you. As a result, it generates devoted subscribers (fans) and consistent views at the end of your successful day.

Make The Best Of Bad Circumstances

Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s infamous spat in 2016 was reignited by West’s song “Famous.” The song uses Swift’s name as a pejorative term. Following the song’s release, Swift criticized it, and in response, West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, released an altered audio clip of a phone call between the two musicians in which Swift appears to have given the song her OK. Since West and Kardashian have 369 million social media followers, Swift was widely viewed as a liar. Swift chose to utilize the incident as inspiration for her album Reputation, which sold over 1 million copies in its very first week of release. Also, the album led to Swift’s first all-stadium tour, rather than wallowing in the storm of criticism.

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This point shows that difficulties are unavoidable. However, overcoming these troubles is critical rather than allowing them to demoralize you. Meanwhile, these difficulties could provide material that elevates your channel to new heights.

Maintain Your Morals

Swift addressed her political views on current affairs for the first time in 2019. She then integrated those happenings into her album ”Lover”. Swift’s new transparency gave her public image more dimension and shown to her supporters that she stood up for what she believed in. Undoubtedly, she could not be able to win her position over her whole fan base. However, it gave her admirers more than just her music to relate to and connect with.

It shows that it can be intimidating to stand by your morals in the sea of ideas on the internet. However, always keep your opinions to yourself and express only what you feel comfortable doing. In this way, your fan base will be able to connect and relate to you more deeply.

Maintain Contact With Fans

Taylor Swift has always felt a deep connection with her followers. Swift has given her fans thoughtful presents, unexpected appearances, free listening parties, and other ways to express her gratitude. She is active on social media, engaging with followers and being transparent about her planned ventures. Swift expresses her gratitude through these links. It increases her followers’ feelings of recognition and appreciation and strengthens their commitment to her over time.

Hence, it shows that you can express gratitude for their support by keeping in touch with your followers. Also, you can make them feel more like family than strangers. Additionally, engaging with fans helps to create a devoted fan base that will stick with you through good times and bad.

The Bottom Line

Taylor Swift continues to adhere to these principles as her career develops. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading about Taylor Swift’s career and will use this aspiring advice on your way to getting a successful career in your life.


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