How can brands benefit from anti-counterfeiting labels?


E-commerce is growing phenomenally, especially after the pandemic. Instead of going to a marketplace, consumers prefer to order products online. This digital transformation offers a lot of benefits to consumers and businesses globally. The online platform increases the scope for sellers to serve a wide section of the target audience and earn an extra share of profits. However, it also heightened the quantity of counterfeited products in many parts of the world. It is the brand and consumers who have to face the repercussions of anti-counterfeiting solutions

The E-commerce market can’t stop functioning because of these anomalies. It paves the way for brand protection, track and trace, and anti-counterfeiting labels as global economies cope with the fallout from COVID-19. Investment in these digitized solutions is a must for businesses. 

Every brand should make use of anti-counterfeiting solutions

The consequences of counterfeited products in the e-commerce market are fatal. If consumed, they not only put the health of consumers in jeopardy but also hamper the brands’ reputation. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the leading examples of it. 

While industries are increasingly seeking holistic measures to tackle the growth in counterfeit goods, anti-counterfeiting solutions prove to be an ideal solution for it. In fact, it is one of the most affordable solutions against black marketing. 

Most users carry a smartphone today. By scanning a QR Code mentioned on the product packaging, they can simply identify whether the product is genuine or not. In addition to it, this advanced technology comes with a number of benefits such as customer data collection, digital warranty management, loyalty programs, and a lot more. 

Here are some of the specific reasons that state why brands should use anti-counterfeit or intelligent labels: 

  1. Prevents product counterfeiting at every stage of the supply chain process 
  2. Provide accurate, real-time data 
  3. Comes as a foolproof option 
  4. Serialization of track and trace programs for supply chain visibility 
  5. Help in the organic and digital growth of consumer base 
  6. Leads to enhanced user engagements, repeat purchases, and more conversions
  7. Paves the way for end-to-end digital marketing solutions 
  8. Facilitates direct and seamless communication channels with customers
  9. Ensures feedback for faster and directed improvements

The power of digital packaging 

Intelligent packaging drives psychological, creative, and physical consumer experiences. Brands can create dynamic relationships with their products and brands with the application of these digital solutions. As a result, the conversion rate manifolds.

On the other hand, it helps consumers be more aware and in control of avoiding the consumption of fake products. Also, they can track products throughout the supply chain and verify whether it’s authentic or not. 

Industries like cannabis, cosmetics, wines and spirits have hugely benefited from the application of anti-counterfeit packaging. What’s the best part? These solutions are more affordable, user-friendly, and convenient to use as compared to other complicated tools. 

In times when online transactions are constantly growing, the implementation of digital solutions like anti-counterfeiting packaging makes sense. It provides ultimate protection against counterfeiters and makes sure brands can ensure authentic products to their customers at every scale. 

By approaching the well-established solutions providers, brands can ensure the effectiveness and performance of anti-counterfeiting labels. They take the responsibility of offering the best digital anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions that minimize the threat of fake products present on the e-commerce platform. 

Why choose LetsVeriFy anti-counterfeiting solutions

Counterfeiting practices leave a disastrous impact on the goodwill and reputation of brands. The application of advanced digital solutions can save brands from these setbacks, save costs, and provide ultimate protection from counterfeiters. 

The technologically advanced and cost-effective anti-counterfeit technology of LetsVeriFy can help businesses eliminate fraudsters completely. Get in touch with us today if you want to access the capability of this powerful solution to ensure product authentication. 

Our professional team will let you know about our advanced digital solutions and solve your problem of product counterfeiting in the most advanced way possible!


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