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A few years back,From the beginning, we thrive to do our best, even when we don’t have enough experience. It is something that allows us to learn more and more, and now no can beat us. To be the best, we keep a close eye on our opponents. We try to opt for all the good points from them, and when customer give us a review, we take it positively.

Our loyalty towards the work is loved by the customers. They trust us and those who get service from us once, remember us for a long time. Even suggest our company to those looking for house movers in Sharjah. Once you contact us, you get every Movers in Serena shifting service, so there is no need to worry or look for some other company. Also, we never restrict our customer in any way. You get complete independence, get any service; we will not mind.

At the time you book us to relocate the house, one of our senior team members come to your house for the inspection or in other words you can say they do the survey. It is essential as it allows us to tell the customer the right moving cost. Moreover, we able to make the strategy to handle the process smoothly. We are not like those who use the same strategies to manage every single process. We personalized the plans considering the requirements and need of respected customers.

We are among the popular moving companies working in Sharjah. So, whenever you are thinking about moving house, contact us, we will come to serve you. you can even hire us in case of an emergency, we will not say no to you. We train our staff in the manner that they stay calm in every situation, is also allow them to handle things when something went wrong. Also, finish the process on time. It is a record of ours that we never fail to end the task completely before given deadly. We believe that punctuality is everything, so we always value time. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that we forget about the quality; at every stage, we maintain the standard.

Our staff, moving truck driver and customer care agents have to pass the test before joining our company. The training programs we gave is not given once. All of our staff members have to join different programs once or twice a year. We do this to polish their skills and learn new techniques. Our focus is also on making them a better person. We groom completely. So, around our staff, you will never face awkward or uncomfortable. They pay attention to the work and never disturb you without reason. Moreover, you will not face any security issues, as allowing the whole team of unknown stress out many. At your property, while they are working, you for a minute forget they are around. Just give them instructions if there are any at the beginning of the shifting, they will manage things accordingly.

If we talk about the service we offer, you may get a surprise because we offer all. Packing unpacking, loading-unloading and van service are available. The extra services we provide on customer demand are, assembly and disassembly of furniture, ordering of packing material, arrangements of tools and even storage service are given by us.

Moving a house is not simple, but because of this, people cannot stop relocation, as they move for a better life and opportunities. People prefer to be in cities like Sharjah that give them more chances to improve their living standard. Now handling of the process become unimaginably hard for many because of the lack of experience. So, they start looking for house packers and movers in Sharjah to enjoy benefits. At the time you choose us for the service, few benefits you enjoy are:

  • Moving is a process that demands time and attention. Time is one thing that people don’t have these days. They are so busy doing here own things. So, for relocation, they hire experts like us. We manage even a simple task for you, which allow you to focus on other things.
  • To handle the moving process in the best way, experience matters a lot which we have. Even a difficult moving task like packing is easy for us and we are able to do it within a day or two.
  • Hiring us is also a way to stay safe from the Movers in Jumeirah Village Triangle JVT injuries because, in our presence, there is nothing client has to do. Every single work related to moving is the responsibility of us.
  • Our amazingly best service charges are suitable. You pay for the service you take, not a single penny more.
  • We are punctual as mention above is essential for us because time is money. If we will task on time, we able to serve someone else in need too without making them wait.
  • Once you hire us, you don’t have to look for someone else. Our team is great; our services are the best. Just tell about the services you need, and we will do if for you.
  • We don’t give clients options that are not possible to change because every customer wants to include or exclude service, so we provide them with complete freedom.
  • No need to contact others for the estimated price, as we offer this facility too. Also, the estimated cost most of the time we tell is accurate. So, once you get the estimation of the price, set your budget.
  • Van service is also given by us. Our moving trucks are huge and small. We choose one for you according to the need. Also, we try our best to move everything in one round. It not only does work quicker but also safe client’s money.

All our drivers are licensed and local residents. They know city routes so well that they don’t need any help from the GPS.


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