Halloween Candy- Why We Give Sweet Treats On Halloween


Halloween is the favourite time for every young kid. The Halloween celebration on October 31st has almost become a worldwide affair. Hordes of children, along with their Jack-o’-lantern-shaped buckets and accessories, wander the streets for their chocolates and candies. Halloween Candy is a lovely time of the year that recalls fun and joy.

Halloween Candy

The Rise of Treats as an Alternative to Spooky Fun

Trick-or-treating for candy is associated with Halloween. A trick or treater could get home-baked goods, fruits, and toys when they knock on doors. But with the new practice, households began to purchase sweets and candies to treat the little visitors on Halloween eve. Confectionery companies have blooming sales around this time of the year. Kids love sweet treats, and candy companies make hefty sales by making different types of chocolates, candies, and lollipops, famously known as Halloween Candy.

A Glimpse Of The Past 

The Celtic autumn festival called Samhain was the forerunner of Halloween. Samhain was a celebration of the last harvest of the year. It was a festival to honour the loved ones who were dead. It was believed that Celts would please the spirits by leaving treats on their doorsteps.

Soul cakes were distributed instead of leaving candies to beggars who promised to pray for the dead souls in exchange for something to eat. This ritual, called “souling,” was the precursor of today’s trick-or-treating. It has become a tradition for the kids to dress up in costumes and roam their neighborhoods for trick-or-treating. People offered nuts, coins, and homemade baked goods.

The Practice Of Giving Out Halloween Candy

The confectionary companies took up this opportunity and rightfully convinced people that chocolates and candies were a better option than cakes or home-baked products. Thus began the new concept of trick-or-treating, which proved to be an instant hit among youngsters and kids with sweet teeth. Candy manufacturers began marketing big and small-sized candies for Halloween. Women were happy because this was an alternative to baking. Selling candies and chocolates was admired, and it became a trend. 

A Candy Day: A Fuss About Treats On Halloween 

Candies are unique and loved by all. Be it gummies, jellies, lollies, or sour candies– they are just great. Kids love Halloween because tricks are fun and treats are desirable. It is the one time of the year when you should not feel guilty about having some sweet treats. Halloween is about the spooky costumes. All people, irrespective of their age, like to dress up. A recent study shows Americans buy approximately 600 million pounds of Halloween Candy.

Giving out candies on Halloween has become a lucrative business opportunity for the confectionery business to expand and diversify its sweet products. Busy moms liked candy as a giveaway as it was prepackaged and was much more convenient to buy in bulk. 

Today, sugar and Halloween are synonymous, and Americans spend much of their money on candies.
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