7 Techniques That Only Pros Use for Hair Extension Packaging


Hair extension packaging has become a loved phenomenon over the years. They are being used by nearly all businesses and companies for print marketing. A few benefits that they provide include greater exposure, numerous opportunities for customization, and a variety of sizes. In addition to that, the boxes are also known for their endurance and longevity, which means that they can endure even the most unfavourable of the outdoor conditions.

Hence, they can be used for numerous purposes, including outdoor marketing as well as promoting the company at a fair, etc. where other means of promotion cease to work. Generally, they are a great addition to any company that chooses to use them. The increase in demand for hair extension packaging over the years has been phenomenal, and everyone is keen to use them. Keep reading to know amazing tips for printing them.

When one wants to get any marketing objects such as hair extension boxes printed, they tend to be confused because of the great number of customization opportunities available. And making the right choice is so necessary that even if a slight mistake is make, severe consequences will have to be face in terms of lower repute and unsuccessful marketing. 

Therefore, to avoid such a situation, one must seek an expert opinion. However, to do so, you don’t have to go searching for some; just read this article as we share some of the easiest tips that you can use for designing your boxes that are usually use by the market leaders. 

Modern Printing Techniques:

Over the years, the printing industry has evolve significantly, and the number of techniques available to get this simple task do has expand substantially. This is regard as a positive development by the masses; however, it does bring with it its designated share of problems. The foremost is face by companies wishing to get the printing done as they cannot decide which method to choose. However, the experts have tried and tested some of the techniques and can come up with certain techniques that are the most optimum. The most modern techniques for custom boxes, such as inkjet and digital printing, not just provide better results but also are relatively cheaper and faster. 

Vivid and Attractive Inks:

The number of inks available in the market for hair extension packaging is great in number; however, not many of them are feasible. The most optimum inks include latex inks, which are quite thick and thus are very long-lasting. As far as the looks and appearance are concerned, some inks look much better than the others. For instance, neon inks would improve the image of even the simplest hair extension box design and hence should be use. Another luring ink includes metallic ink options. They also add to the image of the box to a great extent and thus are use by the leaders of the market. 

Alluring Typography:

While you print hair extension boxes, you must keep a check on the typography that you are doing. Not just the looks of the words must be optimize, but the content as well. For the former, a clear and eligible font must be use and at a size that would be visible even from a distance. For the content, however, multiple things need to be checke and design. Firstly, the content should not be mention in a straightforward manner; rather, custom mailer boxes should be put in engagingly. Moreover, it should be concise, and the words that are being use must be easily readable by the general public.  

Engaging and Unique Illustrations:

Illustrations are an integral component of custom cosmetic boxes. Without illustrations, one cannot expect a lot of gains from placing them. Illustrations that are directly addressing the customer should be use. 

They gain the attention of the customer right away. Alternatively, other interesting illustrations could be make, such as funny pictures or optical illusions, as they tend to attract the customer and lead to a higher market presence in the long run. Therefore, the illustration must be chose as per the target audience and the customer and should be optimize to improve the marketing presence of the business. 

High Definition Graphics: 

Sometimes while trying to beautify the box, designers tend to neglect the basics, and thus the results that are obtain are often horrible and horrendous. One thing that must be keep in mind before coming up with the design. The first consideration that is very important and essential is placing high-definition graphics and components while the design is do for custom mailer boxes. In case the definition and resolution of the elements are not up-to-the-mark, the box would look blurred out and pixeled; thus, it would fail to provide any benefits whatsoever.

Weatherproofing is a Must: 

The primary reason that people go for an outdoor hair extension box is its endurance and longevity. The box may have to stay out in pen for some time and thus would have to withstand even the harshest of weather. To ensure that the customer has constant exposure to the box over a large period, weatherproofing is necessary.

A coat of weatherproof material would not just ensure that. The box is well-protect from rain and water, but also extreme sunlight. This would also reduce the costs of the company as they won’t have to purchase boxes over and over again. Therefore, spending a little bit in excess while weatherproofing would be fruitful even in the long run. 

Rich & Lucid Color Schemes: 

Amongst all the elements of a box, the most important and noticeable is the colour scheme. The thing that the customer notices about the hair extension packaging box is the colours. Rather it would not be wrong to say that if the colours are not well-chosen. The customer would not be able to notice the box at all fashion sense

Therefore, the colour scheme should be chosee wisely. Firstly, the basic colour that is chose must be such that it is visible even from a distance. On to the details, those particular shades must be chose that provide a fascinating look.

For instance, rather than using yellow, amber colour that is a denser and more premium shade must be use.  Now that you know some of the exclusive tips and tricks. That are otherwise know by the market experts only. You must utilize them to the fullest. These are not difficult to implement; however, their benefits are countless, as seen in the case of market leaders and the pros of marketing.


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