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Guide to Facebook Ads for Restaurants


Guide to Facebook Ads for Restaurants

Screenshot from Facebook from “offers tool.”

When you click this button, the make a(Click here) post will lead users to the Facebook Offers tool, where you can design discounts and special offers.

Facebook Offers: The creation of specials or deals is among the most efficient ways to use Facebook advertisements for restaurants to monitor the success of your marketing. Facebook allows you to promote discounts and offers using Facebook Offers. You can make Facebook Offers right using the sharing tool on the page. Look to an “offer” button beneath the area for creating posts on your page.

For the first step in creating the ad, type in your deal’s title as the headline. Examples of top-performing offers include “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” or discounts such as 10% off or 20 percent off.

Include a delicious photo that is related to your offering.

 If you’d like to include the expiration dates Facebook Ads click the Calendar icon. You’ll be able to determine the level of interest by tracking the number of people who click your offer. You can instruct your employees to track redemptions made at the restaurant.

You can try Facebook Ads Offers for free by inviting your current followers. When you discover an attractive combination of headline and image, you can create any amount of money and select the target audience for new prospective customers.

Events A different Facebook feature you can benefit from to advertise is events.

 If you’re still not using events to market your company, think of some concepts tied to your brand. You can then test these out.

If you run an ethnic restaurant like a Mexican restaurant, you can consider hosting and organizing a Celebrate (ethnicity) event that includes dancing, live music, and traditional games. Also, you can tie your celebration to a holiday or celebration like Independence Day, Thanksgiving, or Pride. Make sure to decorate the place or mix up some special cocktails or food items and invite guests to join in the celebration during Happy Hour or the evening. If you’re a family-oriented establishment, consider offering balloons, face-painting, and activities for children.

Another option is to host an online paid event such as a cooking, language, or wine course.

An event calendar that can be repeated each year (with adjustments to improve your calendar) will be an excellent strategy to keep your marketing fresh and keep your employees and customers already there. Just one or two events per year can bring life back into your company.

The publicity for your event can allow you to reach out to new customers within your local area and provide them an incentive to get involved in your restaurant.

Messenger, Did you know is true that Messenger boasts 1.3 billion people using it? Even those who don’t browse their Facebook feeds frequently use Messenger for communication with their family and friends. Advertisements can be placed on Messenger to get in touch with those close to your restaurant, increase your brand awareness, or announce special promotions. It is also possible to run ads on Facebook feeds with a Messenger button to invite customers to interact directly with you.

Interactive elements may use Facebook ads to design polls, contests, and other engagement opportunities.

Polls can be set up to inquire from the local population about your decisions like adding new items to your menu, ingredients, additions to the wine list, or other events. People are thrilled to get their opinions, and they feel a sense of belonging towards the menu items and other items they’ve decided to include. They’ll not only be happy to go in and sample the things they’ve helped to design and design, but they’re also likely to tell their family and friends about it too.

Another way to increase your followers and your Facebook page’s

Excitement would be to organize competitions that award prizes like wine, gift certificates, or food items. Utilize Facebook ads to promote the contest beyond your existing followers and invite anyone who participates in or is involved with the match to like the page’s updates shortly. The most popular tools for structuring Facebook contests are Woobox Rafflecopter, Woobox, and ShortStack.

Store Visits advertisements: If your restaurant has multiple locations, facebook’s “store visits” goal could be an ideal choice for your business. You’ll be able to include several areas in your ads and allow customers to get directions or a contact number for the nearest location to them.

There are many great examples of restaurants’ campaigns on Facebook

Below are some restaurants that have discovered ways to utilize Facebook ads to their greatest advantage.

Maggiano’s Little Italy

Screenshot from Maggiano’s Little Italy Facebook ad -taken from an iPhone

Maggiano’s marketing campaigns featured a short video and a rotating set of images that highlighted the food and experiences visitors can get when they come to.

This Italian restaurant was established in Chicago in the year 1991. It has expanded to more than 50 restaurants all over the United States.

The company ran an A/B test and compared the outcomes of 3 distinct types

 of advertisements, including a carousel with food pictures, a carousel with dining experience photos, and a short video that focused on dining and dining.

Maggiano’s ads targeted those close to one of their restaurants and matched their demographics. The Facebook Store Visits feature directed potential customers who clicked on the advertisement to the nearest location and tracked the number of people who visited a specific site after viewing an ad.

The campaign that ran for two weeks in 2017 brought over 20,000 new customers to the establishments and gave the restaurant an average of six times more than what is put in. Because the business had a dip in sales before the campaign, the management considered it a huge success.

Black Swan Catering

A screenshot from Black Swan’s Facebook ad featuring an image showing one of their food facilities

Black Swan used Facebook Messenger ads to create an extra income for a profitable business.



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