Fun Ways to Prepare Your Kid for Primary 1 Math


Math is everywhere. Math talk is important. Math leads to critical thinking, problem-solving skill, and better reasoning abilities. Primary 1 Math very important to prepare your kids for Math from now, for a better learning experience and a better future. This is why so many parents and kids alike search for AMC 10 tutor near me.


Ways to Prepare Your Kid for Primary 1 Math

1.Picture Books

Kids love picture books. Picture books promote children’s mathematical thinking because it is written with a storyline, that keeps kid’s minds entertained as well as focused. It gives an introduction to basic concepts of math such as numbers, shapes, and patterns. Kids love picture books because it is colorful, interesting, and has catchy pictures.

Picture books are a crucial part of their learning life. It promotes visual thinking and works well with their understanding level. The picture book works as chocolate in plain milk for them. The characters of the book motivate them to open it and study more and study often.

2. Play Math Games

Maths is fun if kids learn while playing games. Games are fun activities, it’s an important tool for learning in their life. Playing maths games deepens the understanding of numbers, reasoning, and helps in practicing its questions. Games develop independent learning.

Games are really very productive that increases mathematical skills and they can play it anywhere. It can be played with two or more people. If parents play games with them, then parents can know about their children’s skills and growth. When kids play math games it brings a positive attitude. Due to games, they try to find different ways to solve problems. It’s a great way for them to become familiar with shapes, weight, and length.

3. Teach Counting

Counting is a basic and important concept of maths. Counting relates to all other topics. In order to understand maths, kids should compulsorily learn counting. Every child is unique, every child takes time to learn counting according to their learning and understanding capacity. Counting can learn at school or at home. They must have good control over counting.

Kids can learn to count faster if they learn with the story. They must practice counting often and parents must ask them to count things for better learning. Teach them to count on videos, games, or real objects. Teaching them physical counting objects is important for better understanding. If they count wrong, don’t correct them, just show by counting again, correcting again and again can lead to self-doubt or lack of confidence.

4. Visual Knowledge

Visual Knowledge is one of the most popular ways of teaching kids. It includes images, videos, digital classes, presentations, whiteboards, etc. Visual literacy is an entertaining way of learning for them. Visual knowledge develops high order thinking skill and better engagements with concepts. It gives longer retention power, boosts the confidence and performance of them.

Visual Knowledge is a cost-effective way of learning. It motivates them to learn more and keep their interests secure in the subject. It’s easy to learn with it. Visual Knowledge helps in critical thinking and develops skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, and understanding.

5. Daily Math

“Practice makes a man perfect” it’s a universal quote that especially works great with math. It is a subject that demands practice and consistency. More Practice More Better results. Parents should ask them to do math every day. Daily solving it can help in faster learning. They can do math every day in both ways written or oral.

They can do it every day by playing games, it will keep their interest level engaged with concepts. Games that include math are Sudoku, counting games, monopoly, ludo, etc. Parents should often ask them counting, simple math questions, to keep their mind practicing daily.


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