Facts to Know About Curtain Rods: Mac Blinds


MAC’s unparalleled interior blinds collection covers the entire spectrum of interior styles and genres. Featuring more than 2000 fabrics in a wide palette of colours, textures and patterns, 80 shades of wood and 100 hues of metal, our extensive assortment of blinds promises to offer endless possibilities. MAC styles offer a variety of blinds, each of which have different benefits. Black-out blinds provide the most privacy, while paper shades offer the least. However, less-private blinds like paper ones also let lots of light in—perfect for making sure a room still feels bright even when the shades are down.

Our exclusive blinds for windows  collection works with any interior design style and needs, whether it’s for a traditional or contemporary home. Our shades come in a large selection of colours, textures and patterns, as well as various styles like mini roll up blinds and metal roller shade blinds to fit all windows sizes. The world of blinds is yours to explore. From classic wooden venetian blinds to contemporary paper roller shades, we offer an endless number of options for every room in your home.

Classic and contemporary, MAC’s blinds offer endless possibilities. From Black-out blinds or thick-slatted ones provide the most privacy, while paper shades provide the least. However, less-private blinds like paper ones also let lots of light in—perfect for making sure a room still feels bright even when the shades are down, to classic white shades that add an air of sophistication.

The LUXURIA curtain rods collection is a truly luxurious ensemble of curtain rods befitting today’s czars, style icons and connoisseurs of everything good in life. The gleaming all-steel to steel and glittering crystal and glass collection to rich antique finished brass. From Laminated Veneers in exotic wood to buffed steel and wood combination. Welcome to the world of MAC Premier and Classic collection of curtain rods in India, Each one created with meticulous perfection for the discerning eyes.

The perfect accessory to complete the look of your windows, the LUXURIA curtain rods are available in all possible styles and finishes. From Vintage Chic, Rustic Country to Contemporary Styling – we have it all. Our finest collection of curtain rods will enhance the beauty of your room and breathe life into your character by adding a touch of class and elegance to your home decor. 

Shimmering crystal and glass tassels, gleaming satin nickel silvers and rich antique finishes. A collection of curtain rods matchless in its quality, beauty and magnificence. Over 200 colours, textures and combinations to choose from. Suitable for small to large windows and doors. From simple straight rod to specialist shaped fittings there is a choice that can go almost anywhere.
The curtain rods comes in various styles, designs and finishing to suit every decor. It is a part of our home improvement business which started in year 1994. MAC Premier was established to bring quality Indo-French products like curtain rods, curtain hardware and decorative tracks etc into our country. Our priority is the quality of the products which are imported directly from Europe and produced under strict quality control system. We promise you long lasting satisfaction & convenience with our assortment of decorative & architectural hardware products.


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