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In the days, anyone could set up a business profile on Facebook, begin attracting fans, and then publish updates assuming they would likely reach all of the fans. From 2014 on, FB’s organic reach has fallen significantly.

In 2016, Facebook modified its feed algorithm so that posts from your relatives and friends appear high in the feed. In this regard, one thing was very clear to people who use Facebook to promote business: If you would like to have your content seen by greater numbers of people and encourage more people to join the page you have created, then you must use Facebook ads to boost your content click here.

It’s no wonder that more and more people are concerned about how to advertise Facebook pages without spending money?

Target Your Audience to Boost Facebook Page Organic Reach

Let’s begin with a no-cost Facebook Audience Optimization feature that lets you reach out to those more likely to be engaged. Imagine that you’re selling women’s tights and planning to start the sale. Wouldn’t it be more sensible for the message to be shown exclusively to women?

By using this Audience Restrictions feature, you’ll be able to limit the exposure of your content to a certain group of people and stop the content from being seen by others. Important: if your website exceeds 5,000 followers, it will automatically turn on. In other cases, you’ll need to turn it on in your settings under the “General” tab.

Use FB Page Insights

Utilizing the Audience Insights feature can be another method to gain insight into your audience’s demographics and behaviors. This tool is free and accessible from Facebook’s Facebook Ads Manager by clicking on “Audience Insights” in the left-hand menu. The data you get will include gender, age, location, page views, shares and comments, and other important information to assist in creating a more effective marketing strategy.

Make use of SEO tricks and include your keyword on your web page.

Keywords, keywords, keywords. Everyone is talking about them. However, many don’t know where to put them to make SEO better and not worse. We’ll show you!

Please make use of keywords in your site’s URL and name only in cases where they are related to something about your business. Don’t overfill the username of your website with keywords. TIP: Do not alter your username unless your business name or product name has changed. This could hurt your SEO.

Keywords should also be mentioned in your About Section, Mission, and company description. Also, ensure you’ve provided your phone number, website, and email address. This information can affect your company’s SEO overall. Each status update should contain at least one keyword related to your share content. Additionally, the use of keywords is to describe the content in the photo you share.

Be aware that a page full of keywords and links can be annoying, so choose natural language and relevant hyperlinks. Find the right balance to ensure your content has value to SEO and your Facebook fans.

Set up Your Pages to Watch

Your competitors could be your greatest teachers. Examining what they’re doing on Facebook can provide valuable data on their activities, engagement, engagement, and growth of their audience compared to your personal. Pages to Watch: The Pages to Watch feature will be available on Insights Overview.
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Insights Overview as soon as your page is at least 100 likes.

To begin monitoring competitors, make your list of five additional pages you want to keep an eye on (you could add more than 100 of them). Additionally, Facebook will automatically suggest new pages to you in light of your previous selections.


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